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“+-” Film review

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“+-” is directorial debut of renowned cinematographer of entertainment industry Kundan Sad. As seen this movie is low budget sci-fi experiment without a single dialogue with full of expression. Where the character(Ganesh Deshmukh) is freeze in isolated room where door and windows are packed with bricks. There are few electronic gadgets available in room with no food and water. Will the character (Ganesh Deshmukh) can survive or unlock himself from isolated room please watch “+-” on MX player online.


As expected technically “+-” fulfill all the criteria but if you are expecting entertainment or Bollywood masala in it frankly you don’t watch you will feel like your mind sucks. But, if you are looking for motivation or learning experience of life in worst situation you can definitely watch once.

Ratings : 3 Out of 5 for “+-“.

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