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Claiming to be alive, the child declared dead

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A dead body was brought to the house from the crematorium at Ghagi on Monday (December 15th) after giving a crew of doctors to Balaghat.

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Gondia: An eight-year-old child was born on October 14 at 11.30 am on Sunday at Ghoti in Goregaon taluk. The girl was taken to Ganga Bai Woman Hospital for treatment. But Gangabai’s pediatrician declared him dead. But the body of the doctor from Balaghat was given to bring home the dead body from the crematorium. On Monday (December 15th), a shocking type of ghost was brought to the house from the crematorium.

Aditya Sumesh Gautam (8) Ghoti is the name of the child who has been declared dead. After 11.30 am on Sunday, he was admitted to Gangaibai hospital, Gondia, after initial treatment at Goregaon Rural Hospital, after initial treatment. On October 14 at 1.30 pm, a pediatric surgeon at the Gangaabai Women Hospital, Dr. Chavan declared him dead. Aditya was a second class student at Shishu Temple. The incident of snake-hunting spreads in the taluka like Vaishya, New Lillhar (Saidham) gave information that he would be treated. Gautam family and relatives, Dr. Contacting Lilhare on telephone, he told about the incident. Dr. Naveen Lillhare said that Aditya did not want to cut Gautam’s hand. When he said that blood came out of his hand, blood came out. New Lillhar claimed to be alive in 24 hours saying that Aditya was alive. So Aditya was brought home from the cemetery. Aditya’s father died six years ago. Mother Sheela works as a Gautam laborer. Thousands of people are crowded to see Aditya.

The fifteen doctors of the treatment team

The condition of the death of Aditya due to surpathy is now complete for 35 hours. However, after this he was alive, he was kept at home for treatment. The 12 doctors from Madhya Pradesh are said to have been treated by the team. Presently, the duo has returned to Goregaon and they are expected to arrive from Goregaon Ghoti late on Monday night.

Four doctors’ attendance while declaring dead

While treating Aditya with a serpent in Baiba Gangabai Female Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, Chavan, Dr. Mali, Dr. Sagar Sonwane and Principal of the Department of Pediatrics Dr. Maninder Singh Juneja were present. Aditya was declared dead in front of him.

Even after he was diagnosed with Aditya, the doctor waited for one hour even after he realized that he was not alive. He was later declared dead. Those who declared dead were MD doctors.
– Dr.Maninder Singh Juneja
Department of Pediatrics Specialist BGW Gondiya

Aditya was declared dead on Sunday by a doctor of BGW. One dead person can not be alive. This type is a superstition. There is a provision to take action against the person living in accordance with the Superstition Eradication Act. However, there is no provision to take action against the person who has died. Therefore, in order to register a complaint against the claimant and healers, the law is being explored. Action will be taken on this person.
– Jitendra Borkar, In-charge Goregaon Police Station

The deceased boy is alive and his bleeding from his nose is on. Treat this child and make him alive tomorrow (Oct. 16).
– Dr. Naveen Lilhare

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