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In all cases the existing government fails

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Prior to the elections, the previous BJP government in the state and the state government should bring inflation under control, give the farmers about 50 percent profit for profit, bring black money back abroad, put the irrigation projects in line and provide employment to 2 million unemployed every year.

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Pandhri : Before the elections, the existing BJP government of the state and the state government should bring inflation under control, give them 50 percent profit to the farmers, bring black money back abroad, put the remaining irrigation projects in line and annually give employment to 2 crore unemployed people. But in the last fourteenth years, the government did not fulfill any of these assurances. In contrast, there is a picture against this in the country. So, criticize the existing government for failing in all aspects. Praful Patel said.

The unveiling of the effigy of Krantisurya Lord Birsa Munda and Rani Durgavati at Dunda in the white area of ​​the Arjuni taluka was organized on Monday (d.28). This time he was speaking. Eat as the chief guest Madhukar Kukade, Ramesh Taraam, Manohar Chandrakapure, Nita Meshram, Gangadhar Parashuramkar, Ramesh Chu, O, Avinash Kashwar, Naresh Bhandarkar, Chandrakant Murasalkhe, Eng. D.U.Rahangdale, Sudhakar Pandher, Indu Parashuramkar, Manju Dongar, Dinesh Kore, Sachin Yansasure, Rupilas Kursunga, FT Shah, Sunita Chindhore, Bunty Bhatia, CK Bessen, Sareram Rahangdale, Anita Babode, Dr. Vadhai, Usha Rahangdale, Sudha Rahangdale, Hatwar, Krishna Sarsam, Bharatlal Thalal, Chandan Thallal and Adivasi Bandh were present. The effigy of revolutionaries Lord Birsa Munda and Rani Durgavati was unveiled at the hands of Khale Patal and Kuka. Patel said that the government has recently launched a scheme to close schools in the village.

In Gondia-Bhandara district, the dams of Chulband, Gosekhurd, Bhimlaksa and Bavnthadi were produced during our government’s tenure.
The existing government did not set up a single irrigation project for the last four and a half years. Instead, he has done a great job to stop big business like BHEL. If our government comes to power in the center and state, he gives the guarantee of 2500 rupees per annum to Dhan. Gondia-Bhandara district’s overall development is our goal.

Krantisuriya Vir Birsa Munda and Rani Durgavati have contributed to the development of tribal communities. Adivasi Bandhavani Manohar Chandrakapure and Nita Meshram thanked Dunda for setting up the statue. Patel promised to give three lakh rupees to the Vitthal Rukmai temple in Dunda. Aniruddha Bambode took control of the program and Avinash Kashish gave credit to the program.

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