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Letter for the release of two lakh students in Gondia district

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With the justification for the World Cancer Day, 2.5 lakhs of students from all schools in Gondia district will write a letter on 4th February for their release.

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Gondia: Alcohol, tobacco, gutkha addiction is increasing in the youth system recently. There are no exceptions in school and college students too. As a result, the number of cancer patients is increasing every year continuously. It is also affecting the person’s health and society. By changing the picture and justifying the World Cancer Day for the creation of an addictive society, two and a half million students from all schools in the district will write a letter on 4th February for their addiction.

The project will also be implemented in Zilla Parishad and other private schools in the district on February 4. Before the implementation of this program, students will be provided with information about the benefits of consuming tobacco products, tobacco remedies measures, five main rules for Tobacco Control Act, tobacco-free schools, and after school prayer. Also, pre-preparations will be made for students for their addiction, friend and family members for writing a novel letter on addiction. Specially, students will be used for writing articles, leaves, flowers, old greeting cards etc. This is a unique initiative for the remit of a letter, and it is also the intention of the students to get the remission of addiction from school life. After the letter is written by the students, the students will be able to read the letters to their family members, neighbors and addictive people. By placing addictive effects on addicts, I will take a pledge that I will not add any addiction to them. Here, the responsibility of the students is not to end, and those who swear to get rid of their addiction, they will follow up for at least six months, whether they really quit or not. It will also be noted how many students of the school wrote a letter. Information about the implementation of this project was given to the schools by the education department.

Maharashtra Bhushan certificates by honoring the students

In a letter to addiction to a letter, the students will write a letter on the release of the addiction to the person who reads the addiction. They will also advertise the consequences of their addiction and the consequences of their community. Then they will take up the promise of their addiction and follow them for six months. After this, the students who are successful in leaving the drug addiction will be honored by Maharashtra Bhushan by the salam mumbai foundation.

Information on the school notifications panel

A letter was written by many students of the school for the purpose of de-addiction and then pursued this. This number will be kept on the instruction board of each school. After that information will be collected from the teachers in every taluka. ………

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