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Sondalongodi tree plantation village

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Without making the scenes of tree plantation alone, the village of Sodgalagodi in Sodgalagadi, Taluka of Rakshabandhan, has been constructed for the last eight to ten years. The identity of this village has been made that the tree loving, tree-planting village, a rakhi making plant on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

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Goregaon: The village of Sodgalagondi in Sodgalagadi, Taluk taluka has been doing it for the last eight to ten years, by constructing Rakhi in the Rakshasandana tree without making the scenes of tree conservation only. The identity of this village has been made that the tree loving, tree-planting village, a rakhi making plant on the day of Raksha Bandhan.

There are 34 families living in Sondalagondi. Addiction-free village, The Soondalongandi Forest Committee works to protect the trees. The boundaries of Nagzira Tiger Reserve and the boundary of the village are the same. In 2007, the nature lovers of Sondlagondi established the Joint Forest Management Committee with the trust in the division. Further, this committee changed the face of the forests. Work has been done to increase the water storage capacity by constructing the bills from labor. The storage center for Samaj Bhavana and Mohfula has been created by contributing in the income of the committee. Only 34 families, situated in a densely forested forest in the heart of Songalogondi nature The border of Nagzira Tiger Reserve starts from this village. Mahadev Hill is situated at some distance from this village. There is a temple of Lord Shankara on this hill. It has got a large lake, a forest-type plant, and the nature frame of nature. Lord Shankara’s temple is situated on the west side of Sondlagondi. The temples of this temple are still complicated.

The neglected policies of the administration have to face the many problems faced by the pilgrims visiting here. Here is an amazing look of nature. A few years ago, the forest department built the hut (hut), bamboo chairs and bamboo entrances of this temple. But all this is now on the way to be destroyed. The circular bundle of bamboo made from Lord Shiva’s gate was disrupted. Tourism and tourism can be encouraged by the district administration. However, the administration has neglected it.

Forest ranch

Sondalagondi nursery provides quality planting variety of different species. Water, fertilizer, and spraying have also been used properly with the proper conservation of the plantation. In the plastic bags, this nursery is developed in the soil dung fertilizer and sand mixture. The napkin bamboo chairs, the benches attract attention.

Self-employed training for the people of Sondlagodi has been given. It can be seen even today that they are interested in their trees. It is truly a good way to keep the trees from planting trees and to plant trees.
-SM Jadhav, Forest Officer Goregaon

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