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Off movement of Sub-Regional Transport Employees Movement

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Employees’ Consultation was discussed with the demand from the Motor Vehicle (RTO) Employee Association, Maharashtra State Associate Sub Regional Transport Employees Association, Gondia, from time to time, to draw attention to the various administrative demands of various pending demands.

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Gondia: Employees ‘Consultation was discussed with the demand from the Motor Vehicles (RTO) employees’ association, Maharashtra State affiliated Sub Regional Transportation Employees Association, Gondia, from time to time, to draw attention to various pending demands, including the demands of the employees. However, the settlement has not yet been settled. So, on Friday (Dec 1) the workers staged a protest movement.

On January 30 this year, motor vehicle division employees expressed their angry feelings by staging a state level agitation. The office bearers of the organization said that the government administration has not registered the agitation. Regarding the number of employees considering the number of employees and the four levels for promotion (B squared only 16 posts) and the problem of masses due to strong force, the dirty image of the masses, the organization should not allow the administration to improve the model of the Motor Vehicle Department. The proposal was submitted on December 16, 2016. The matter was discussed from time to time with the then Transport Commissioner. But the organization has submitted a proposal based on appropriate changes in the original proposal, till 5 October 2017, because the administration has not considered the proposals submitted by the organization to the proposal submitted to the government.

Many of the same important demands like the design and formulation of staff are inaccurate at the administration level. So the organization said that there was a big threat to the future of the employees of the division in the division of class 3. Employees’ association is currently accused of reducing the number of class B posts available in the promotion. Employees warned that the government and the administration will have to intensify the fight against them if they try to break the policy of destroying the fate of the employees in the motor vehicle segment. So all the employees of the state have organized a written movement on Friday with the transport office. In this movement, Prashant Mandvekar, DK Puri, Sachin Gurkhde, Gajanan Kale, Audumar Chaudhary, Fawrasingh Rathod, Rahul Kirtottwar, Avinash Barde, Vaibhav Bhadade, Karuna Basavanathe, Savita Rajurkar, Kalpana Kulosunga, Kalpana Uike, RG Salam, G.A.Mankar, V. D. Chalambande were included.

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