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Action on sand mafia in Amgaon

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When the Lokmat published it, the Revenue Department was awakened by the news that the levy of sand is going on from the Vagdi Ghat in Shambhula. About this, Tahsildar Sahebrao Rathod and his team seized two tractors by throwing siege on sand ghats carrying sand.

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Aamgaon: When Lokmat published the news that there is a lot of sand excavation in the Vagdi density at Shambhutla, the revenue department was awakened. About this, Tahsildar Sahebrao Rathod and his team seized two tractors by throwing siege on sand ghats carrying sand. An offense has been registered on a tractor driver. Even 53 brass sand stocks have been seized.

Bharat Kashiram Shende and Khumesh Bharatlal Hukar, both of them at Padampur in Amgaon taluk, had put their tractors to get sand from the sandgate of Vagdi in Bhamhani on January 31, early morning. At this time Tehsildar Sahebrao Rathod and his team used to trace the tractor MH 35G 7744 trolley MHF 3167 and MH 35G 7744 trolley MH 35F3167 in two tractors and caught them in illegal tires while carrying illegal traffic. The trapped tractor has been installed in the premises of the police station to avoid it. Under Section 48 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Act, 1966, and Section 48 of the Maharashtra Government, in the form of paragraph 8, 9 and 9.28 of Part 4 of the Part-4, Section 1 of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Act 1966, penalty of Rs 1 lakh was imposed on illegal transport, five times the penalty of minor minerals market 15 Total amount of Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 400 / – for the amount of ownership Rs. 1 lakh 15 thousand 400 rupees Two lakh 30 thousand 800 rupees were imposed on the driver.

On 24th January, the Tehsil office was caught on November 24 by Nandeshvar Upasrao Shivankar, a tractor owned by Supplipar, while carrying illegal sand from Chirchalband. He has been booked in Amgaon police station.

What about other sand ghats?

Due to lack of auction of sand ghats in the district, almost all the sand trawlers have been trafficked through the valley. To prevent this, the District Collector has taken various measures. However, the picture shows that there was no effect on the sand smuggling on Shambhutola Ghat.

53 brass sand seized

Tahsildar Rath has informed that 53 brass sand has been recovered from the district’s Piprapterla in Pipterola of Amgaon taluka. Shantiram Dadurm Machirak had taken away the sand of the Wagh river and kept it sand. The stock has been seized. The auctioned auction was done at 71 thousand rupees and the amount was deposited to the government.

The District Collector shouted

There was a large number of illegal smuggling of sand from Samghatola and other sandgates in Amgaon taluka. Some also gave evidence to the revenue department about this. However, no action was taken by the Amgaon Tahsil office. In the meanwhile Lokmat had taken this matter, it was informed by District Collector, Kadambari Balakwade, that the Tehsildar of Aasgaon was badly damaged. An official said that some show cause notice will be issued to some people.

Our team is working hard to crack down on the stolen people. If there is a traffic movement in Amagaon taluka, then contact us by informing them. The name of the information provider will be kept secret.
– Sahebrao Rathod,
Tehsildar Amagaon

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