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The bullet fired after the child’s fury

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In the dispute arising out of the fights of children, both of them tried to kill a person and killed him with a gunshot wound. A case has been registered against both of them.

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Gondia: In an argument arising from the fights of children, both of them tried to kill a murderer and kill him. A case has been registered against both of them. The incident took place around 9.00 pm on Friday (15th) near the Bhaladhey Wine shop in Durga Chowk area of ​​the city. In it, Shiv Durgprasad Yadav (45, Gondiya near Barakholi Government Pool) was injured.

According to the information received, there was a fight with the son of Durgaprasad Yadav, son of the injured, Niraj Gururdas Wadhwani (47, resident of Barakholi). Two days back, Yadav had thwarted the accused’s son. The accused’s son told the father that he was beaten up. Shiva was asking the accused Niraj as a victim of my son’s assault. When Thursday night (14th) went to Shiv Nave’s shop, the accused Niraj asked him again, Shiva also beat him. Wadhwani and Pawan Pramod Kumar (24), both of them tied black cloth on their face and reached the Durga Chowk on Friday (Day.) On Motorcycles.

Shiva daily, Pankaj alias Golu Murli Yadav (25) went to the shop at around 8 pm. Shiva went to the shop at 8 o’clock in the night and at some time, at some shops in Durga Chowk, near the Bhaladhee wine shop, the accused tied the black cloth to the mouth and shot them on Shiva and killed them with acute injuries and severe injuries at three places. Shiva ran to Bhavani’s house to save his life.

The robbery and pistol have been seized from the spot. Yadav’s first aid has been shifted to a medical college in Nagpur, and for further treatment, he has been shifted to Nagpur Medical College. On the complaint of Pankaj Murli Yadav, Gondia city police has registered a case under the Indian Penal Code Section 307, Section 4, 25 of the Indian Penal Code against the accused. Police arrested two accused in this case within half an hour.

Assistant Police Inspector Vivek Narvekar, Ramnagar’s Thane Jitendra Borkar, Raju Mishra, Valde, Chakole, Nilesh Aday, Smita Padole and DB team led the sub-divisional police officer Ramesh Barkate.

The use of pistols, guns and indigenous cuts in Gondiya

The city of Gondia is becoming a very sensitive city. Pistols, gunas and country skeletons are removed in case of minor issues. There are many incidents in the city and taluka that do not show the courage. Even if there is no license, the police department needs to implement the campaign to investigate pistol, guns and indigenous people. It is necessary that the Superintendent of Police should take special attention.

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