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Chief Minister’s Kachargad tour to be held

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The Kachargad yatra is commencing on Sunday and the next day, the next day (Dec. 18) Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will come directly to the helicopter at Dhanegaon (Kakargad) and will be launching the Kyo Punami festival.

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Salekasa: The Kachargad Yatra is commencing on Sundays and the next day, the next day (Dec. 18) Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis will come directly from the helicopter at Dhanegaon (Kachargad) and will be launching the Kyo Punami festival. For the first time in the history of Kachargarh Yatra, the Chief Minister is coming to this place for the first time, this year’s Kachargad Yatra and Chief Minister’s visit will be historic. Specially, with the Chief Minister, Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari is also coming to visit Kachargad, which has received special significance.

It is considered as the source of the tribal land of the tribal people of this country. Therefore, the site of Kachargad is very important for the whole tribal community and tribal community in the country attracts lakhs of people every year to remember their ancestors in Magh Poornima.

This place is of great importance due to various perspectives and it was not taken at the government level by the Persian intrusion. But ‘Lokmat’ continued the continuous follow up of this site and continued to publish articles and news articles that highlight the importance of this site. Not only this, but also the government-administrators attention to the troubles of the devotees and the convenience of the victims.

To maintain the importance of Kachargad throughout the year, not only during the Kachargad yatra but also for continuous intervention at the administration-administration level. Puram has been continuously trying for the last five years. Two years ago Union Minister Faggan Singh Kulaste and Maharashtra’s Finance Minister Sudhir Mungantiwar visited Kakrapad Yatra. Guardian minister Rajkumar Badolu also visited many times. Mungantiwar also sanctioned Rs 5 crore for this site. However, considering the importance of this place, so much cooperation has not been done at the government level. In many cases, considering the matter of being away from the development of Kachargad, Aapuram directly approached the Chief Minister and described this place in detail and inspired him to come to Kachargad. Their efforts are now coming to success. However, when Chief Minister arrives here, he will have to see what he will pay to Kakragad.

Helicopter landing for the first time

Dhanegaon Darekasa area is in the vulnerable Naxal-affected area and the tour of ministers and leaders in this area will be very low. However, after the formation of Maharashtra, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra will join the first time in the history of the last 67 years in Sailakasa taluka. They are going to launch their helicopter near this pilgrimage spot. The helipad is being built in the remote area of ​​Darekasa and the four sides are preparing to settle down at the hill station. Kachargad Yatra will definitely be historic this year by the arrival of the Union Minister, Guardian Minister and MPs, MLAs, and this year will be historic.

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