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Trouble teacher problems

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The Maharashtra State Primary Teachers Committee, Taluka Branch, took a separate discussion with the teachers of Panchayat Committee, Archana Raut and took a separate discussion. He was also given a statement of various demands of teachers.

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Salekasa: Maharashtra State Primary Teachers Committee, Taluka Branch has taken a discussion with various issues related to the teachers and meeting with Panchayat Committee chairperson Archana Raut. He was also given a statement of various demands of teachers. Leaders were held to resolve pending problems under the leadership of the teacher committee’s guide S.J.Joggi. Chairperson presided over by Archana Raut. Group Education Officer SG Vaghmare, Senior Education Extension Officer ML Sharma, Superintendent of Education S. S. Ranjari and all clerks were present on the occasion.

In the meeting, the issue was decided on the pay scale by fixing the pay as per Seventh Pay Commission. District Education Officer Waghmare said that there is no order from the District level, hence it is deferred. Proposals for sending the GPF and DCPF challans and scheduled zilla parishads from March 2018 to February 2019, sending ZP to Chattopadhyay and one-tier case, from March 2019 to SBI scholarship, and offer of teachers completed 2 and 14 years. Replacement, giving each year’s salary woucher number to each school, naxal recruitment According to the Fifth Pay Commission, the increase in wages should be increased in April, and should be warned by the wrongdoing clerks of the service book by fixing the wrong pay order, the correspondence should be conducted to remove the case of Pangaon school, schedules deducted and sent from the salary of the Indian Life Insurance between 2009 and 2014 To eliminate the differences in this Publication discusses the issues to be put in a special camp in March, and more.

Speaker Rao and Govt. Education Officer Waghmare assured the officials of the teachers’ committee to remove all the pending problems. Operations by DS Kuracha. Thanks to Jayesh Lilhare, thank you. The meeting was attended by Satish Damai, Taluka President of Maharashtra State Primary Teachers’ Committee, General Secretary, GC Baghele, Executive President T.L.Lilhare, President Prasad Rashtriya RS Boseoni, AB Borkar, PMFrankunde, Jayesh Lillhare, R.K. Borkar, Kosarkar, S.B. Khobragade, PM Thakwar were present.

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