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Lakhs of devotees visited Kachargad

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There has been a huge increase in the number of devotees this year, compared to the five year long Kachargad Yatra. It is being projected by the Devasthan Committee on 6 lacs of visits in various states during the five-day pilgrimage.

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Salekasa: There has been a huge increase in the number of devotees this year, compared to that of Kachargad Yatra for five consecutive days. It is being projected by the Devasthan Committee on 6 lacs of visits in various states during the five-day pilgrimage. For five days the whole of the Kachargad and Dhanegaon area, the Jay Sewa Jai ​​Jai service was in full swing.

The creator of Gondi culture, the largest ancient guage of Asia, is the source of the shift Kripar Lingo Gonda is home to 33 million saplings and 12 pens of 750 tribes. Kachargad Ramatal Jango, music emperor Hirasuka Pataliar, is the workplace of the Kakragadh area, which has been the abode of Kali Skeletal Advantage for thousands of years. Therefore, this area has special significance in the tribal community and they have tremendous faith in this place. Every year, on the occasion of Magh Purnima, the entire tribal society travels thousands of kilometers to express faith and devotion to our ancestors. Any harassment that may befall them is far worse than theirs. Believing and trusting the tribals, the district administration also provides all the facilities to prevent the inconvenience of the devotees.

During the five-day Kachargad Yatra, many events that highlight the significance of Koi Poonami, Gad Jagaran and Koya Poonami Yatra are organized day and night. In this, Gondi Bhumkala, Gondi Dharmacharya, Gondi Preachers and followers of Gondi Dharma participate in thousands of thousands. The Gondi charity presented a discourse on Gondi Poonamy. The discourses of Dada Prem Singh Saham and Shankar Shah Irpani proved to be important. On the second day, Raje Vasudev Shah Tikam inaugurated the Gondi flag flagging on the flag hoisting. At this time Bhumkam (priest) performed natural poojan rituals according to religion.

The devotees from across the country participated in this Shambhushek’s Palkhi. The 5th National Gondwana Maha Vidhyavation was held. The program was chaired by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis under the chairmanship of Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. This day became important in the Kachchhad Yatra. Cultural festival was over in the night. Many Gondi community members participate in this. In this, Gondi artists presented their traditional art. On this day, the Koi Poonimi Festival and the National Gonga Mahasammelan were organized on the occasion of the full moon day. This meeting was churned on Gondi culture. In this, Rajmata Phulavadawi had gone to Delhi from Kachcharg, and guided your Gondi Sagas Sai. In this, the participation of Bhavikal Sangh’s Raveen Invate and Sher Singh Achala got involved. On the fourth day National Gondwana Maha Vidhyavation was held. Many proposals were changed in the Maha period to preserve the forest, forest land of Gondwana area. Counseling was done on many matters. In this, the participants from the various regions of the country have participated in research, researcher and research. In the future, discussing how to keep the importance of keeping the Kakragad area safe and sustainable.

On the fifth day, a Gondwana Sahitya Sammelan was organized. Literary poets, writers, story writers and composers from many states enjoyed participation in the Sahitya Sammelan. These discussions were discussed on Gondi literature, Gondi culture and many more. During this five day Kachargad Yatra, the Gondi people and tribal people in the subcontinent, the tradition, dialect, language, ritualism, worship ceremony, choreography and great and mysterious caves of the world were witnessed. During this event, six lakh tribal pilgrims visited Kachargad during this allocation.

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