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In association with Vidarbha Sindhi Mahila Samithi and AYUSH Department, Bai Gangabai Women Hospital, AYUSH camp was held in the local Sindhhi Bhavan by the National Health Mission on Wednesday.

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Gondia: AYUSH camp was held in the local Sindhi Bhawan by the National Health Mission in association with Vidarbha Sindhi Mahila Samithi and Ayush Department of Bai Gangabai Women Hospital.

The inauguration ceremony of the camp was done by worshiping the photograph of Shri Juwalal and Ayurveda Devata Dhanvantari and lighting the lamp and the District Health Officer Dr. Sham Nimgade was performed at the hands of Sham Nimgade. At this time, the Chief Director, Bai Gangabai Women Hospital, Medical Officer Dr. Suvarna Hubekar, Dr. of Vidarbha Sindhi Parishad Dr. Harish Bajaj, Dr. AYUSH Department Gayatri Dhabekar, Dr.Archana Chavan, Yoga guide Mamta Bass, Panchkarma technician Shabana, Panchkarma Ayurveda Specialist Dr. Sonne was present. At this time Shyam Nimgade has taken the Ayush’s treatment system to the forefront of all the diseases caused by modern lifestyle. Under the National Health Mission, free medicine and high-quality medicines are offered free of cost. AYUSH camp guide Dr. Suvarna Hubekar gives a good response to Ayurveda treatment on antioxidants, diabetes, asthma etc on Ayurveda. Free Medical Expert is available at Bai Gangabai Women Hospital. The women of Gondia said that they should take advantage. Panchkarma Specialist Dr. Sonawane conducted a symptomatic treatment for 85 adult women under various diseases including special Panchkarma therapy. During this time, an appropriate health exhibition was organized on Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani medication and Yogi at the Sikhkhari Sikh Panchayat hall, through which Yoga guidance guide Mamta Bass guided them. Dr. Archana Chavan said that homoeopathic treatment is beneficial for the problems of women’s vendetta and monthly religion. It also gives useful information about homeopathy. 138 patients took advantage of this camp.

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