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And not the lock

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And not the lock
Due to the oral assurance by the District Development Officers to prepare the suspension of the work of suspension on the Gram Seway working in the Panchayat section, the District Development Officer, who gave oral assurance promptly to Panchayat Committee chairman Panchayat Samiti Arvind Shivanakar, blocked the panchayat section on Monday.

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Arjun-Morgaon: On Thursday, the District Development Officer of Panchayat Samiti, Arvind Shivanar, withdrew the warning that Panchayat department locked the lock in order to give immediate assurance to the Chief Executive Officer to prepare the proposal for suspension of the work of suspicious workers on the Gram Seway working in the Panchayat section. The employees were protested on the action taken by the Speaker on Friday.

Chairman of the Panchayat Samiti, the Chairman of Shivanakar, is absent in office hours. People’s activities are not timely. There was no action against the passed resolution taken in the monthly meeting of the Panchayat Samiti, on Friday, the staff of the employees broke the glass and expressed their anger over the chair. On Monday (December 25), the Panchayat Department had given a written warning of blocking the lockover on Monday (25th) due to not repeatedly giving instructions in the panchayat section, not doing any action on the resolution passed by the general body and other pending administrative functions.

Accordingly, the attention of all talukas was started by the Panchayat Samiti for locks on Monday (25th). But this time the chairmanship of the Speaker was blurred. He had invited all Panchayat Samithi members on Monday morning. Only members of ruling party were present in this. The opponent was just absent. The topic of absence of opposition party was discussed. Some senior leaders of the ruling party, who did not face much of the panchayat committee, were seen to be not the type of lock. Whereas the development team of the Group Development Officer NR Jamievar was trying to stop this type of conversation by speaking to the office of the Chairman and Employees’ Association. Finally, the chairman did not lock the lock. As soon as the office started, the employees’ association decided to organize a meeting and to protest the matter, black-and-tear works. He gave a written request to the Department of Rural Development to the afternoon.

The organization charges alleged

A memorandum was issued to the Group Development Officers of the Maharashtra State Zilla Parishad Taluka Branch on staff association. In this, repeatedly insinuating senior women officers and our officers, talking to the workers on frequent occasions during the working hours and talking to the employees in the absurd and abusive language, talking late at night to the government instead of working for the government, forcibly taking up the work of the fourth class, There have been many accusations against him. The demand has been made to provide a safe environment by taking legal action against the chairman of Nashik Municipal Corporation’s destruction of government property.


The allegations of employees’ unions are baseless and they are being dishonored by giving false evidence of this method to hide their efficiency. Basically there are many flaws in the staff. Under section 77A, the meeting of the Sarpanch Committee should be taken every month. However, the meeting was held after eight months. While the computer operator in the Department of Agriculture is on leave, the unauthorized employee is discharged and the workplace violates the workplace. It is publicly objected that the actions taken by you should not disturb the people. If the employees are pushing such organizations through the organization to tarnish their actions, then it is not right that the party president Arvind Shivnakar expressed the opinion.

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