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conflict between project-affected and the forest department stirs up

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Civilians of villages of Kavalewada, Kalimati and Jhankargondi in the Arjunpura taluka of Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve had asked the authorities to keep the demands of project affected people in quick succession and, otherwise, to stay in the old town. In this regard, a request was made to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister to senior officials and public representatives.

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Sadh Arjuni: The residents of villages of Kavalewada, Kalimati and Jhankargondi in the Arjuni taluk of Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve project were asked to speedily track the demands of project affected people, otherwise the old town would be given a right to stay. In this regard, a request was made to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister to senior officials and public representatives. However, the administration and the government have not taken any action. As a result, the villagers of Kalavaveda, Jhankargondi and Kalimati of Shrirampur and their neighbors traveled to their village at around 10 am on Monday (25th) with their children. Their agitation started on Tuesday (Day-26) on the next day. Considering the anger of the villagers, the forest department had deployed a strict police settlement. Star fencing was done at the entrance to the forest. Thirty hundred policemen and forest department employees were deployed. Those project affected people were allowed to go to the jungle.
So there was a situation of tension at around 12 in the afternoon. Project protesters set up a bus to prevent protests from creating a question of law and order. Call the senior officials and complain before completing the demands, otherwise the project affected people will not move from here.

So the officers of the forest department had a good start. At around 3 pm, Gondia’s Deputy Conservator Yuvraj discussed with project persons. But, fulfill our demands, we tell the Project Afghans that there is no hand in fulfilling their demands as the park patrons say that they will not do the agitation.

The discussions failed because of the absence of the sub-inspectors. Due to no kind of settlement, the people who were involved in the project were sitting in the forest by evening. The citizens say that the agitation will not be withdrawn until justice is given. On Tuesday (26th), on the second day, the project agitators were sitting on the agitation.

Stay at the end of the agitation

The residents of Kalavaveda, Jhankargondi and Kalimati of Shrirampur and Shishrampur marched their village on Monday (25) along with their children. The agitation will not be lifted until your demands are fulfilled. Take such a stand. Also, the protest movement stayed overnight. On Tuesday, the next day on Tuesday,

600 people including children and children

Women and men in Srirampur had taken their young babies to a village in their forests. Every day children were agitated and hungry. However, the suspended administration blocked the road. However, simple drinking water facilities have not been provided for children.

Threatening to file criminal cases

Shrirampur Patiya took the role of extraction and started the agitation. So the elections are in the mouth. The administration and the government also felt very tired. The villagers of Shrirampur alleged that the forest department officials were threatening to arrest the project affected people or to arrest them under false crime. The people of Shrirampur had given the warning that they would be returning to their hometown on Monday (25th). The forest department managed to arrange the police. About 300 police and forest department officers were deployed. On the way to the village, they were stopped by throwing the fencing of the stars. This created tense atmosphere for some time.

For 12 years, mismanagement of project affected people

The road to the forests of Kalimati, Jhankaronadi, Kavalwada, in the district of Arjuni taluka, was rehabilitated in Shrirampur. However, there is no facility available to the project affected people. For the past 12 years, government and administration have misled the project affected people. Therefore, they took steps for the agitation of the project affected people.

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