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The movement of Sri Ramnagar residents started on the third day

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Civilians from villages of Kavalewada, Kalimati and Jhankargondi in the Arjunpur taluka of Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve project urged the administration to keep track of the demands of the project affected people, otherwise to go to the old village.

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Gondia: The citizens of villages of Kavalewada, Kalimati and Jhankargondi in the Arjuni taluka of Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve project were urged to make the demands of project affected people more quickly, otherwise the old town would remain alert. In this regard, a request was made to the Prime Minister, Chief Minister to senior officials and public representatives. However, the administration and the government have not taken any notice. As a result, the residents of Kalavaveda, Jhankargondi and Kalimati in Shriramnagar, and their predecessors have started agitation in the forest on the way to the village from Monday (December 25). Today (27th day) their movement continued on 3rd day.

Considering the resentment of the villagers, forest department has deployed strict police settlement at the spot. The fisherman forest department has prepared the entrance to the forest entrance to Kavalewada, Kalimati and Jhankargondi villages and has prevented the villagers from going to this village. However, Sriramnagar residents are also firm on their demand and they have taken the role of not keeping away from this place until their demands are fulfilled. Therefore, the stay of Sri Ramnagar residents is at the same place from Monday.

Since last two days, the Ramnagar caste has been encroaching on the same place along with its children and making it self-propelled here. Therefore, the police administration has also got a problem with the division. Nearly 300 police and forest department employees were deployed in this place. The movement is on the third day of Wednesday and there is a lot of anger among the villagers due to the administration not fulfilling the demands of Shriramnagar residents.

600 citizens included

Women and men in Shriram Nagar had taken their young babies to a village in their forests. However, the suspended administration blocked the road. Therefore, these 600 villagers have stayed at this junction in the forest.

Educational loss of students

Shri Ramnagar residents have started a movement in the forest with their families since Monday. Many of these students are also included in the education program and they have not gone to school since the last three days. As a result, educational loss is also taking place in them.

Police also stay with the villagers

As long as your demands are not fulfilled, the villagers have taken a role that will not be withdrawn from this movement. That is why they are sitting in the woods from Monday (December 25th). This is where they stay at this place and during this time there are proper police settlements and forest department employees deployed to prevent any untoward incident. As a result, the residences of the police and forest department including the villagers are also in the forest.

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