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The budget of the corporation is 154 crores

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In the meeting of the Standing Committee, the budget of Rs 136 crore approved has again increased by Rs 18 crores. A special general meeting was held on Thursday (Day-28) with the budget. A total of 154 crores budget has been approved in this general meeting.

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A special general meeting was held on Thursday (Day-28) with the budget. A total of 154 crores budget has been approved in this general meeting. The Budget has been expanded for some departments, while some new experiments have been introduced in the General Assembly. The NAGP had presented a draft budget of Rs. 136 crore (Rs. 26) on Wednesday. A meeting of the Standing Committee was convened and the budget was approved. However, due to the approval of the General Assembly, Special General Meeting was held on Thursday (Day- 28).

In this meeting, discussing the budget was decided to provide more for some critical and urgent issues. The resulting budget added another 18 crores. Thus, the budget of 154 crores was made instead of 136 crores and it was approved in the General Assembly.

Shakeel Mansri, Deepak Bobde, Ashlata Choudhary, Vimal Mankar, Ratnamala Sahu, Leader Vanessa Ghansham Pantawane, Sunil Bhalerao, Satish Deshmukh, Rajkumar Kutha, Sunil Tiwari, Nirmala Mishra, Kunda Panchabudhey, Shilu Chavan, Sachin Shende, were presided over by the city president Ashok Ingale. , Anita Meshram, Neha Nayak were present.

These are new topics

The meeting emphasized the development of the City Council Education Department in the meeting. In addition to this, topics related to the construction of gymnasium, reading room, recreational house for senior citizens, parking, travel accommodation, beautification of chowk, road divider and their electrification, creation of new gardens, convenient accommodation at the place of transport, beautification of Mokshadham and the establishment of hospitals for women and men were presented. Besides, Rs 1.60 crores for construction of roads, increase to Rs 3 crores, increase the provision of Rs 75 lakh for women-child welfare, to 1.50 crores, increase the provision of pump house to 20 crores, and increase the amount to Rs 2 crores.

Teacher for 4 months without salary

In the meeting convened by the budget, emphasis was placed on the City Council Education Department. Corporator Sunil Tiwari presented the issue as a matter of fact that the teachers of TCI in the city council schools have not been cleared for last 4 months. He raised the issue that why the agencies are not being paid salary while leaving the bills. In addition, when the need for teachers in the Convent is to be appointed without the appointment of a teacher there, they objected to the agency being appointed by the agency. Interestingly, other corporators expressed their anger over the issue of Tiwari’s ignorance towards the education department.

Where to arrange the money

The Municipal Council had proposed a budget of Rs 136 crore in the standing committee meeting. There was an increase of more than Rs 18 crores in order to provide more funds in some places. After that, a budget of Rs 154 crore was presented in the special general meeting of the budget on Thursday. However, in the meeting, the corporators raised the question of how to arrange the money to meet the increased costs. His opposition to the general meeting took place due to the increase in expenses due to the instructions given by the Standing Committee

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