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Make positive use of Ambedkri Samaj’s consciousness

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Even today, the socio-economic problems of the Dalits, tribals, other backward classes, minorities have not been solved. Neglected poor people in rural and urban areas are facing various problems.

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Gondia: Even today, the socio-economic problems of Dalits, tribals, other backward castes, minorities have not been solved. Neglected poor people in rural and urban areas are facing various problems. Former President of the University Grants Commission, Padmashree Dr. Sukhdev Thorat, on Sunday said that people should take positive steps to empower the Ambedkar community to get more effective benefits from the government schemes.

The Social and Economic Samata Sangh’s office was established at Sanarthaar in Marratali. They were speaking on the inauguration of this office. This time Dr. Prof. Gautam Kamble of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Nagpur, Dr. Kraskha Kamble of Medicine, Dr.Tilok Hazare, Kishore Khandekar, Bhadist Samaj Bhaladera were present. Thorat said Ambedkar’s society has a lot of consciousness. Despite the vision, consciousness, financial socio-cultural and political society is still behind. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar tried to create equality in society through his untiring efforts. Understanding the questions of the community and formulating strategies for its implementation has made great efforts. That is why progress in society is seen. The rate of poverty has decreased, due to the reservation, employment opportunities have received a little. The spread of education has increased. But considering the 60 to 70 years of independence, the economic, social and cultural issues are not solved. In comparison to the others, the Scheduled Tribes community is still backward, it is proved from Maharashtra. Dalits will have to fully understand their financial and social issues. Under this organization, we should explain the nature of the questions and explain the questions on its basis. To solve all these problems, you have to become educated for your question and you have to struggle to get together and fulfill those demands. At the time, the Morcha said that it has to be removed. If you do not get the right to get the Constitution, you will feel more financial, social, cultural and political problems in the future. Other dignitaries present at this time also guided this time. This event was attended by a large number of social organizations.

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