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The crowd of devotees on Pratapgad

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Every word spoken by Trishul and Mukhat in Harahara Mahadev .. On Monday (Dec. 4) nearly 5 lakh devotees Mahadev and Muslim Muslim, Khwaja Usman singh appeared at the hall of Haruni Bamba. In view of the historical and religious pilgrimage site of Pratapgad, which was a symbol of national integration, devotees from different parts of Vidarbha had a crowded crowd here.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: Every word spoken in Trishul and Mukhat, Harar Mahadev hoaxed on Monday (4th). Nearly five lakh devotees, Mahadev, and Muslim Muslim, Khwaja Usman, appeared on the dargah of Haruni Bamba. In view of the historical and religious pilgrimage site of Pratapgad, which was a symbol of national integration, devotees from different parts of Vidarbha had a crowded crowd here.

There is a place of great importance and respect for Mahashivaratri festival, which extends demanding, giving happiness and brotherhood. The devotees from long distances have become deported since Sunday on Sunday. Today, the number of sadhana was increased due to the bulk of the group of their equipment. The names of political leaders in the name of Mahaprasad distribution have been found here. Stalls of their Mahaprasad distribution were organized at various places. Since Monday, Bharteshankar was a day of pride, since Pratapgad was full of devotees from the dawn of devotees. The morning after 11 am, the devotees had made a huge crowd. Since many vehicles are available for transport, the visitors’ commute begins till evening. During the visit, the administration provided electricity facility during the night, even during the night the devotees were seen taking a darshan. It was predicted that the arrival of Mahashivratri on this Monday was due to the administration of Pratapgad that the devotees would blossom. A good deal was kept in that direction. Due to restriction of traffic on the tourist resort, the crowd of vehicles in the village had reduced. Traffic was blocked at two kilometers from the village boundary. So the pilgrims were comforted, but the devotees had to walk a long distance.

On the behalf of the Panchayat Samiti, arrangements were made for the control of garbage and repair of locals. The Health Department has invited Taluka health officer Dr. Ram for health check-up in seven places. Health check up and treatment centers were opened under Vijay Raut’s supervision. State Transport Corporation had provided bus facility from Sakoli, Gondiya, Tumsar, Tiroda, Bhandara and Pavni Agra on behalf of the state transport corporation. In view of the fire control, the AgniShaman Dal of Gondia and Tiroda were deployed in the city council. For drinking water arrangements, devotees provided drinking water and drinking water facility. CCTV cameras were installed for the maintenance of illegal activities by the Taluka administration. Specially, the amount of noise contamination will be reduced at this time. Atal Maharaoga Camp was organized for the examination of various diseases of the heart.

In this year, 40 volunteers volunteered in the pre-campus training camp organized by Armed Police Force Gathangaon, under the supervision of Armed Police Force, Gaurganj. Piyu and Mahaprasad were distributed on the behalf of various NGOs at Arjuni-Morgaon, Navegaonband and Pratapgad.

The crowd of Muslim brothers too

The Muslim brothers had a ritual for darshan on the dargah of Khwaja Usman Ghani Haruni. On the day of Mahashivratri, some Hindu brothers are seen on the fort and the Muslim brother is showing Mahadev’s view. This has led to the spread of Hindu-Muslim unity. Mahashivratri ascends on the festoon and inspect the historic sites of these places. There are only a few devotees visiting the Mahadev Hill and the fort.

Better settlement and convenience

On the other hand, the police administration stopped the vehicles at Kalimati-Pratapgad, Kadoli-Pratapgad and Tibet Camp Pratapgad road, about 2-3 km away from the village boundary, and the devotees felt a little uneasy. However, safety and travel vehicles are a step in the right direction.

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