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Vinita who recovers from the footsteps

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Gondia’s new Superintendent of Police Vinita Shahu has said that adolescent girls should not do bad things for the sake of attraction and counseling those girls.

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Gondia: Gondia’s new Superintendent of Police, Vinita Shahu, has been working to give guidance to the adolescent girls for not doing bad things for adolescent girls. After commemorating the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission and NGOs, she started the Udan project and worked as Superintendent of Police in Bhandara for a grant of Rs. 10 lakhs from the District Planning Committee for this project. She also took the initiative to provide self-defense lessons to the girls for proper counseling, so that they can not cross the footsteps of teenage girls. It also emphasizes solving all the problems of girls.

Also, the accused will pay attention to the justice process through the classroom so that the culprits involved in crime are punished for punishment. Many people have been imprisoned for trying to prevent illegal sand migration, animal protection or illegal liquor sales. While working in Bhandara district, she did not allow law and order problems to be created.

In 2010, Vinita Shahu, who was elected by Union Public Service Commission in the Indian Police Service, took up the formulas as the Superintendent of Bhandara District of neighboring India. Impressed speculative gambling, gambling, and curse on the infamous criminals. She has taken good measures to avoid traffic congestion on the National Highway. Kaptu alias Rahul Pardhi, the notorious Tiger hunter who smuggled the entire country, got it from Uttar Pradesh.

Around this time, the Police Thane revived this concept in Bhandara district for its administration to keep people oriented. The same concept will now be implemented in Gondia district. A total of 1,25,000 people participated in it by organizing Police Thane Camp in 1710 in Bhandara district. This move ordered the implementation of the Police Station on 1 February 2018 at the state level.

Better plan to increase welfare funds for the welfare of the police. Police personnel and people have helmets forced. It is not a force but a step taken by the citizens to care for their lives. The officer, employee’s birthday, is the first superintendent of the role to celebrate his children’s birthday. Keeping the same feeling that you are in the service of the people, it is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Police Vinita Shahu who is ready to accept the statement of ‘mismanagement of care.’

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