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Because of her mother’s anger, she traveled 180 km away by cycling

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A 15-year-old girl was actually seen by her mother in Kharra. In this, the mother struck the child with a brow. The child reached the 180 km journey by traveling from Nagpur to Adilal near the border.

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Gondia: A 15-year-old girl was seen by her mother when she saw Kharra. In this, the mother struck the child with a brow. The child reached the 180 km journey by traveling from Nagpur to Adiyal near the border. Luckily due to the preparedness of the Adiyal Police, the girl was handed over to the parents.

A fifteen-year-old daughter of Border (fictional name) is living in the Sonegaon area of ​​the city of Nagpur. Two days before, on Tuesday, at 8 o’clock in the morning, the bamboo was eating tobacco. This matter was seen by her mother. Seeing that tobacco was eating, the mother got angry with the border and hit her on the thug. Without thinking of the moment, around 8.30 am, Sima took out a bicycle near her and left the house. The border came on the Bhivpur-Umred route from Sonegaon. She went to Pavni city through Umred. After reaching Pawni, it reached Adil and then Nerala reached the dock. It was 8.30 pm at the time. About 12 hours, Sima was able to ride the bike continuously. Tired of huge tiredness There is no courage to ask for the incoming ones. Meanwhile, Pottman Sudhir Waghai of Adiyal, while going by, he asked Sima. The incident happened to Waghai. Without delay, Waghay gave it to Adiyal police station and took her along to Adiyal Thana.

Adil police also took the girl into confidence and learned about her parents’ information. She also told her family that she is from Suma Adiyal Police Station and told to be safe.

Parent’s arrived on early Morning

When the border was found to be in Adiyall police station, the mother of the border reached Bhandara district. At around midnight they reached Bhandara. On the duties of the traffic branch of Police Shikshan Prakash Thotta at Bhandara, he met the border patrons. Thote immediately contacted Adiyall Police and reached Bhandara. Both of them showed the way to Bhandara towala and reached the road to Adiyal. At around 3.30 in the morning, a visit to the border and her mother was received. In the act of rage, mother-in-law’s life became a whore and she was delighted to see the boundary. However, the role of Adiyal Police has been appreciated.

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