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Animals without the Kondwada, in the streets

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While the Traffic Department was trying to implement one or the other new venture on the issue of increasing traffic in the city, the problem of transport is increasing due to the ravages of the city.

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Gondia: While the Traffic Department is trying to implement one or the other new venture on the issue of increasing traffic in the city, the problem of traffic is increasing due to the ravages of the city. However, because there is no Kondwada to keep these Mokat animals inaccessible to the Municipal Council, the animals are roaming around the city. Animals are suffering due to traffic and traffic is causing trouble. However, the corporation is totally ignoring it.

Increasing population of the city and the number of vehicles in this category is also increasing rapidly. While this is the way it is, there are roads as well. It does not increase, but on the contrary the roads are becoming more narrow due to encroachment. As a result, driving from the city is difficult and alarming. Traffic Department’s headache has increased due to traffic disruption in the city. In order to solve the problem of traffic, traffic department is implementing such programs like Traffic Signal, One Side Packing.

But the traffic department has also come under the hammer of the city. Look at the poultry of cattle, which are seen on the road. Being in the middle of the road, the camp is still difficult, so it is difficult to overcome. However, the inefficiency of the municipal council has been hidden in this area.

The reason is that there is no single Kandwada today to keep the municipal animals locked. Since there is no Kondwada, there is no Nagar council in the name of catching animals walking on the road.
The impact of the neglect and inefficiency of the Municipal Council is affecting the city and it is also increasing the headaches of the traffic department with the city dwellers. Therefore, when the Pallika administration takes appropriate action and coordinates the Kondwad and cooperates with the traffic department, the attention of the city dwellers has started.

Kodanwadi broke down;

The city council had 2 cottages. Behind one Municipal Council office and second in Govindpur school. However, the city council broke it into two stops. Complex has been constructed in the place of Kondwada, which is situated on the rear of the town council. In Govindpur, Kondwada school was washed and the place was freed. The municipality was getting paid for the livestock kept in the Kondwada. However, due to the break in Kondwade, the Municipal Council is on the verge of income.

Use of Old Fire Office for Condon

After breaking the Kondwade, old fire office near the municipal office was used for stopping the animals. However, the municipality has not campaigned for many months now. As a result, this place is also filled with fear. This is why the cocktail animals sit in the streets. But the residents of the city have to endure it.

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