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Scrub Typhus found the 19th case on Gondia district

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At present, the legs spread all over the scrab typhus. Except Amgaon taluka of Gondia district, all the talukas have been found in the districts of scrub typhus. The number of these patients is now 19.

Gondia Today

Gondia: Currently the feet spread through the disease of the scrub typhus. Except Amgaon taluka of Gondia district, all the talukas have been found in the districts of scrub typhus. The number of these patients is now 19. Sutra Shyambhau Markolhe (63), a resident of village Lennitola-Shenda in road-Arjuni taluka, is the name of the woman.

Scrub Typhus has spread legs in Gondia, Goregaon, Tiroda, Sadak-Arjuni, Arjuni-Morgaon, Deori and Salekasa talukas of the district. The disease was not found only in Amgaon taluka. In the village where the disease was found, along with Appropriate Officer Dr. BR Patil and District Malivath Officer Dr. Ved Prakash is visiting the Chauragade and guides about how to plan a preventive measure.

The number of patients of scrub typhus in Gondia district is increasing day by day. The number of patients taking treatment in private hospitals is not given to private doctors by the government health system or the government machinery does not compile the information of the patients with that particular doctor. So far, three people have been killed by the scrub typhus and 16 are sick. There are no measures that should be taken by the health department. Scrub typhus and swine flu have caused panic in the district. Mass awareness is necessary for the treatment of these diseases.

Three of the deaths of the scrub typhus

Police Patil Women’s Border Yashwant Dhayev (34) of Village Thadeazari (Kosamondi) in road-Arjuni taluka died of Scriff Typhus. Then, Supriya Devadatti, a resident of village Keshori in Arjuni-Morgaon taluka, died. The other day, Rajendra Domaji Khangar (66) of Hanuman Nagar in the city died from a scarf typhus.

Another case of swine flu

After the scrab typhus, the district is spreading swine flu. One has died of swine flu and three have died in the district. Although Swab tiephas are not available in Amagaon taluka, swine flu has taken the first shot. Shalini Nilamandra Nandvandar (42nd night) is the name of the woman who died of swine flu. Their sister Monica Maniram Barapatre (27) also confirmed that she is suffering from swine flu, and she is undergoing treatment in Nagpur Medical College.

The investigation of 13 people in that ‘family’

Swine Flu was examined by the victims of Nalim Chandra Nandanwar (42), who died due to the swine flu. Because of their own home, 10 out of 3 and 10 people of their husbands were tested. But the healthcare system was noticed to have all the negatives except Monica.

‘TemiFlu’ to seven suspects

After the death of Shalini Nandanwar, due to the death of Swine Flu, 13 people who came in six-footstation with them were examined. But seven out of these 13 people suspected of having a swine flu, the Health Department has given seven people tablets to Tamiflu.

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