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Navegaoband National Park’s Guide to the New Registry

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Navegaon-Nagzirra Tiger Reserve, Dakshi’s Deputy Director wrote a letter to the nature tourism season 2018-19 to register nature, tourist guides (guides), otherwise the guide will not get access to the gate.

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Navegaonbandh: Navegaon-Nagzirra Tiger Reserve, Dakshi’s Deputy Director wrote a letter to Nature Nature Tourism 2018-19, registering tourists guides (guides), otherwise the guide will not get access to the gate. We have registered for the year 2006. All the guides in Navegaonbandi National Park have refused to register again so as not to repeatedly register.

The Forest Officer Navegaonbandh has refused access to the reason for registration of the guide since March 10. Due to the absence of guideline, tourists coming from outside are ineligible. In view of this, forest guard and permanent-vested forests for the protection of National Park were employed to guide the tourists, there has been a question mark on the protection of national parks. On March 29, 2006, Wildlife Conservation Department recruited guides by publishing advertisements. He also gave identity cards by training. Accordingly, we are working on the guides (tourist guide). What is the need to register a new one by paying 100 rupees per year? This question has been presented by the director Sanjay Shahare. On 16 March, tourists from the Science College of Calcutta came to visit the National Park. But since the guideline was denied admission to the gate from March 10, there was no guide on the room gate. For alternate arrangements, the tourists have to stand on the gate for half an hour. Later, two forest guards and one Vanamurjuna appointed for the protection of Navegaonbandi in the national park were guided by tourists. Where the Calcutta tourists went to the National Park to get the illusion. This is the same picture seen on the Jambhali, Bucky Gate. When Forest Guard and Vanamjur were appointed for the protection of forests and wildlife in the national park, they have been asked to work as guide to the tourists because of the issue of protection of forests and wildlife.

The turn of the star on the guide

Apart from work of forest and wildlife conservation, forest dwellers and permanent-viable forests have to guide tourists. On the other hand, the new registration has not been done by the establishment, because of the denial of access to the gate on the entrance, it is a period of starvation.

The movement of the guide continues

On behalf of the Maharashtra State Sanctuary Guides Union, the agitation is going on for the continuation of the guidance of the guides, to provide fixed salary, to provide insurance cover, to give preference to the youth of the village coming under the tiger revolution in the recruitment of Guides. The guinea express has expressed that the new registration will take effect from 2006 onwards. It is the government’s attempt to register new Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve Establishment Gondia, to prevent our demands from being fulfilled and to persist in service. Accused Sanjay Shahare has said this.

There is no notification of registration

The Forest Officer Navegaonbandh National Park asked for the registration of March 6 by March 11. However, without giving any written or oral notice before that, you have stopped giving admission to tourists’ guides at the entrance of National Park’s room, Jambhali, Bucky, from 10th March, since no new registration of Navegaon-Nagzira Tiger Reserve Pratishthan Gondia has not been registered till 6th March.

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