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Disclaimer of electricity supply of 57 ZP schools

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The ZP has claimed that all the ZP schools in the district have 100 per cent of their digital databases. However, the electricity supply of 57 schools of ZP has been discontinued due to non-payment of electricity bills.

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Gondia: The District Education Department has imposed itself on all the ZP schools in the district claiming to be 100% digital. However, the electricity supply of 57 schools of ZP has been discontinued due to non-payment of electricity bills. Therefore, the fact that the District Education Department’s claim is true is also a violation of polarization.

The activities of Zilla Parishad Primary Education Department are being implemented for students like Gyan Vachanachandra, Reading Anand Day, Inspiration Day, Study Kuti, Non-Particular Day. The Education Department also claimed that all of the 1065 schools of Zilla Parishad have been digitized. On this basis, the officers of the education and officers of this department impersonated themselves by the senior officers. Actually, there is a lot of silting confusion in the ZP primary education department and the work is being done through various projects. Electricity supply of 57 schools in the district was discontinued due to electricity bills by the electricity distribution company. Now it takes three to four months time but the electricity supply of these schools has not been simplified due to non-payment of tired bills. So computers in these schools have fallen in the dust. But the officials of the department of publicity have not followed any follow up to facilitate the supply of electricity. Schools whose electricity supply has been disconnected. It includes 14 schools in Gondia taluka, 13, Sailaksa 12, Road Arjuni 11, Amavasana 4 and 3 schools of Goregaon taluka. Only the electricity supply of all the schools in Arjuni Morgaon taluka is smooth.

Zilla Parishad schools are provided with annual funds in the name of Sadli Fund. However, it requires maintenance of school maintenance and other work. It is often more cost-related than the funds received, so many times it creates a crisis in front of the school’s headmasters. That is why the headmasters repeatedly demanded to increase the fund, but it has not been taken into account yet.

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