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Target for recovery of 6.20 crore rupees in seven days

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The municipal council has objected to recovery of property tax of 9 crores 35 lacs 448 and so far only 3 crores 14 lacs 90 thousand and 46 rupees have been recovered. So, in 7 days, the Municipal Council has to make a tax recovery of 6 crore 20 lakh 54 thousand 402 rupees.

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Gondia: The municipal council has targeted revenue tax collection of 9 crores 35 lakh 448 so far, so far only 3 crores 14 lakhs and 9 46 thousand rupees have been taxed. So, in 7 days, the Municipal Council has to make a tax recovery of 6 crore 20 lakh 54 thousand 402 rupees. From now on, the figures for the last year show that this year, it is seen in the city.

Last year, property tax collection was 48 percent. The property tax recovered by the municipal council was a major financial source, and due to such low recovery, the Municipal Council had increased headaches. Hence, the Municipal Council had started planning to recover at least 80% tax this year. This year, the municipal council has a target of recovering the last dues of Rs 4 crore 86 lakh 65 thousand 317 rupees and the current demand is Rs 4 crore 48 lakh 79 thousand 131 rupees, totaling 9 crore 35 lakh 44 thousand 448 rupees.

While planning the Municipal Council to head such a large number, the election duty of the employees of the property tax department has resulted in allocation of funds.

As a result, so far only 3 crores 14 lakhs 90 thousand 46 rupees, or 32 percent tax collections have been collected. Now, tax department is required to recover the tax revenue by March 31, which will explain the tax recovery proceeds for this financial year. That is, it is not possible for the municipal council to recover tax of 6 crore 20 lakh 54 thousand 402 rupees in the remaining 7 days.
Interestingly, last year, 48 percent tax collection was done. This year it is impossible to recover the same tax.

Closing the holidays

The Municipal Council is governed by tax recovery. It is also the first duty of the Chief Auditor with the employees to try the maximum recovery. Specially, if the heading is accompanied by the staff, then the staff is also involved. This fact was shown by then Chief Officer Sumant More. Presently, however, the chief officer is on leave from the fortnight and he has nothing to do with tax evasion. In such a situation, the staff members are questioning who is the council of municipal council.

Election duty fiscituted by Election Duty

Election duty of Mohar has been introduced in property tax department. Besides, the remaining clerk is stuck in it and counting on the number of staff is looking after the staff of the tax department. Due to the election of Moharir, the tax department has made a complete plan for this year. That is why it is also wrong to expect this year’s tax collection to be so much.

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