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Death of Khambi’s jawan due to illness

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On the day of service, last farewell was announced to the government on August 21, at 11 am, on Thursday (25th) in the village of Khambi (Pimpalgaon). At that time people of Panchkrashi were present.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: The last message of government’s death was announced on Monday (25th) at 11 am on Monday (December 25) at the death of a sick person when he was serving a sick person in Khambi (Pimpalgaon). At that time people of Panchkrashi were present.

Atari, Raja Baburao Bhandarkar (33) was on duty in the third division of Tripura Estate Rifles. His condition worsened while performing duty. He had been suffering from diabetes for the last 7 to 8 days. He died suddenly on Saturday (23rd day) at 5 o’clock in the morning. He was the only Maharashtrian in this group. He has served 13 years in military service. After his death, he was brought from Tripura to Raipur and was brought from Raipur to ambulance in Khambi. On Sunday night, at around 10.15 pm, there was a very heartbreaking atmosphere in Parthiv village.

Apart from Parthivas, there was an affidavit of Supraj’s family and Rifleman Tumen Shahu in the same squad. On Sunday, people of Panchrooshi, relatives and people had gathered in the same crowd to see the earthquake. At 9am, his remains came to an end. The heroic youth immortal, on the eve of such roar and patriotic song, this endeavor reached the crematorium through the main road of Khambi village.

Guardian Minister Rajkumar Badole, Naib Tehsildar Muneshwar Gedam, Assistant Police Inspector Anil Kumbhare, Arvind Shivnakar offered a wreath. The last salute was given by Gondia police on three occasions in the air. The boy, Anshul and three siblings gave a good start. The heroic soldiers of Kambi got merged in the infant.
At this time, Badolay, Shivnakar, Sarpanch Prakash Shivnakar, Pramod Karojgade, Lakkaram Bhandarkar, Nemichand Meshram, Krishankant Khaleleen, Surenderkumar Thavare expressed their condolences.

On Tuesday, it was coming to the village

Suddenly, on February 19, the father passed away. On this occasion, the village was surrounded by the village. A few days ago, he went to Tripura from here. His condition worsened. On March 26, he was going to the village (Khambhi) on Tuesday to be rested at the home after the discomfort. His tickets were also booked. But this was not acceptable. Eventually his body reached the village one day ago. All these developments are being expressed by the heart.

Why the wood kept on Baba’s body?

The funeral of Veer Javana reached the crematorium. Arrays were being framed. The carpet was placed on the main body of Aparaja. When giving a beggar, Viraputra’s son was brought to Anshulla. At that time, Baba … Baba! Why did the wood kept on Baba’s body? Many people have eyes in the form of fibromyalgia, they learn about three years of age in KGV. Behind the Opposition, wife, old mother, three siblings and children are partial and separate family.

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