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Under the electricity channels, the construction of the house does not exist

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Touching the power channels that went through the house and touching the electricity carriers of the house, near the house touched the wires and many other incidents have happened before. The losses in this accident are unheard of.

Gondia Today

Gondia: The incidents of the lives of many people have been touched by touching the power channel, which touches the house, as well as the electricity carrier approaching the house. The losses in this accident are unheard of. Therefore, in order to prevent electricity accidents, do not build any other security house or any kind of construction, it has been appealed to the MSEDCL.

Even though we know that there is no forgiveness in front of electricity, in some places, highways have been constructed and rampaged under high frequency channels. Also, construction work at many places seems to have been intentionally violated completely. There is a provision in the Act, not to allow construction under them, considering the danger of electricity channels. But despite this, construction has been done in many places.

As the city and villages are also expanding, the population has spread far and wide. But it is the responsibility of the local administration to verify it before allowing construction. If there is a violation of the rules, then the provision for construction of this dam is in the power law.
As per the rule of the rule, construction should be done by deflecting the electricity channels, so that there will be no accidents.

However, if there is a rule out, then the action will be taken from Mahavitaran. It is also proposed that Mahavitaran may send a proposal to the municipal corporation or the Gram Panchayat to construct this building, but everybody needs to implement these issues for safety. When the transformer, feeder filler or the shot should be sent to the citizens, the citizens should not go there and they should inform the mahavitar immediately.

Carefully take care of that

Do not apply water to electricity appliances. Keep power equipment away from moisture. Do not wear clothes on the iron plate. Do not move ironing on wet clothes. MSEDCL has been informed about the need to remain vigilant during the construction of the electricity lines.

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