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The slabs of school in Gondia district collapsed

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The incident happened at 10.45 am on Thursday (Day-28) on the plaza of District High School Slab in Sathwa in Goregaon taluka while the incident of the slab collapsed at Dwaki’s ZP High Primary School in Devi taluka.

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Gondia: The incident took place around 10.45 am on Thursday (Day. 28) on the plaza of District High School Slab in Sathwa in Goregaon taluka while the incident of the slab collapse occurred in Dwaki in Devi taluka. Fortunately, during this time the students went out of the classroom because of the big loss of life. Due to two incidents in three days, the question of the dilapidated buildings of ZP schools has been re-emerged.

According to the information received, there is a District Primary School in Satwa in Goregaon taluka and there is a total of 111 students from first class till class eight. Since the summer the school is being filled in the morning. Thursday (28th), at around 10.45 am, students sat in the school premises for lunch. Meanwhile, the slab plaster of class 7th class room collapsed. A large number of slab plasters were found lying in the classroom due to loud noise. He immediately instructed the students not to sit in that room. This information was given to the Central Head and Garegaon Panchayat Samiti’s Group Education Officer. Meanwhile, there has been a panic in the students and teachers.

Question mark on construction

Construction of the ZP school building in Satwa was done eight to ten years back. However, due to the slab plaster collapse in the short run, question marks have arisen on building construction and the material used in it.

Ignore quality

Notwithstanding the zoning education department and the construction department, the construction of buildings was not noticed. Due to the role of free of contractual work, a question mark has been created on the ZP school building.

Gram Panchayat had given a letter in August to prepare the school building’s repairs. But still there is no repair. The school building is not old, it is built eight to ten years ago.
– NC Bijewar, Headmaster, ZP Shala Sattva

The building has been constructed eight ten years ago. The building is not even dilapidated. This information will be given to the District Education Department due to collapse of the slab plaster in the short run. Also, the measures will be taken to safeguard students’ safety.
– Chandrashekhar Bhagat, Chairman of the School Management Committee.

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