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30,000 rupees cheating for the crib beneficiary

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An old tribal woman, Birju Padoti, in Gandhari, cheated the Gram Panchayat office with a promise of 30,000 rupees by placing a house. After three or four years, Birju did not get the house, then this type came to light.

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Navegaabandh: 30 thousand rupees by cheating the old tribal woman, Birju Padoti, in Gandhari, promised to build a house with the gram panchayat office. After three or four years, Birju did not get the house, then this type came to light.

Gondhari village in Arjuni Morgaon and Gudhari in remote taluka of Gondia district. The village has more tribal communities. However, the need of the house has not yet got the benefit of the crib scheme. House toilets were constructed. However, there is no lid on the toilets of a single house. So, inviting bad luck and disease. Even after 72 years of independence, the tribal community in Gandhari is still deprived of the basic amenities of the house. On the other hand, Nirmalgram and clean village were seen in the village of Gandhari.

Gondhari tribal society has fallen in the midst of a fancy that if the fence is eating the field, then the complaint should be made to somebody. The population of Gadhhari is 512 in the river Gadhvi. There are 117 houses in the village. The village Gram Panchayat includes this village in Bundgaon, Surabhan. Most tribal brothers live in this village. Nearly 30-40 houses are in this village. Poor and poor people, they work in the state of poverty. Looking at the brightness of the rays of development in the darkness of ignorance, seeing the brightness of the rays in front of the eyes, it is taking days in the summer of summer, rains and winter in the hut. Food, clothing, shelter are the basic needs of this man. Those who do not have a house to live, those who are very much in need of the house. Those who are living in poverty. Whose homes have collapsed. Homes can be found just like a bungalow. In such a house, they are living only on the basis of palm trees. Plastics only is the roof of the house.

Such Tarpaula, taking your children to the roof of the membrane, and living with the wife, live in Soma Sukhram. But they still do not get the benefit of the home. There are many such needs. But they still do not have the cottage. The needy house of the village does not have the benefit of the house. The open pit of the toilets is being exploited under the name of the scheme. At that time, the village was selected by the government as an ideal village scheme in Adarsh ​​village scheme.

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