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Lok Sabha Election 2019; The BJP government stopped Gosikhurd’s fund ; Praful Patel

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Gondia-Bhandara, but not for the funds provided by the BJP government for the Gosikhurd National Project, which is important for the farmers of Vidarbha in East Vidarbha, has left the project.

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Gondia: Gondia-Bhandara, but not the BJP government has provided funds for the Gosikhurd National Project, which is important for the farmers of Vidarbha in East Vidarbha, the work has been completed. As a result, millions of hectares of farming are not being irrigated and irrigation of the farmers has not allowed this government to stop the fund for this project. Praful Patel has said that the only true face of the BJP government that is talking about development in the name of the people has come before the people and will not teach them a lesson.

For the election of Nandan Panchbudhe of Congress and Nanded Panchayat, the Congress and the National Congress of the Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency, while guiding the rally organized in Asangaon, Bhagadi, Virli, Mangli square, Kondh, Kosra, Chichad, Pawni and Bhuar in Bhandara district on Saturday (30th) Talking about. Candidates Nana Panchbudhe, ZP President Ramesh Dongre, Premasagar Ganavir, Manohar Raut, Naresh Divte, Ballu Chune and office-bearers, activists were present. Praful Patel said that the development of Gondia-Bhandara district has not been done by the development works, but the people have the information.

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It is your dream to complete the Gosikhurd irrigation project. If this scheme is implemented, farmers in both the districts will be rich in irrigation. That is why it was our effort to revive the project. However, the BJP government has accused the government of not providing necessary funds for this project. Bavanthadi, Dhapewada project is important for the farmers of these two districts. Due to the completion of the Gosikhurd project, the water is being polluted due to the discharge of water from the Nagpur city through the river Nag river. The BHEL project was sanctioned for the employment of unemployed in these two districts, but instead of starting the BHEL project, the BJP government stopped the government. As a result thousands of unemployed people were denied access to employment. Therefore, vote for people to remain alert and decide what is right. Nana Panchbuddhe said, BJP government has done nothing for the unemployed youth for the farmers, but rather to mislead the people by announcing big schemes and making them misleading. That is why such a betrayal government needs to show an outward passage to the people. Other dignitaries present have guided this time.

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