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Lok Sabha Election 2019; Attempted to blame Modi for his grief

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BJP has given a lot of senior BJP leaders to the Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency, which has given the candidacy to the new candidates for the time being. For the people of Gondia district, there is no public relations in Gondia district and the voters are angry with voters.

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Gondia: Several senior BJP leaders have also hurt the BJP for giving Bharara-Gondiya Lok Sabha electorate an opportunity to nominate candidates for the party. In Gondia district, there is no public relations in Gondia district and voters are angry with voters. Senior leaders can not express dissatisfaction anymore. However, when all these pictures were noticed by the five Pandavas who were responsible for the BJP’s campaign, they were told that they would find a way to find a way to make Modi a furore.

In order to propagate BJP candidate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be taking eight meetings in Maharashtra, including the Gondiya meeting. For the last three or four days, BJP office bearers and activists are strongly marketing through social media and and others. Through this meeting, efforts are being made to change the atmosphere of both the districts and to hurt the BJP’s anger. BJP has declared the leader of the Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency, Sunil Modhe, a leader of the new and not-for-profit manpower. First of all, it was strongly opposed by BJP’s internal group. However, the BJP leaders of these two districts are not running much and only the people who come from ‘Nagpur’. Their word is currently considered to be the last of all. This is displeasing to both the experienced and senior BJP leaders of the two districts. Although she can not express it clearly, it also keeps quiet and tolerates all this. That is why these senior leaders have not yet taken interest in the campaign.
It is a picture that all the cycles of elections are rotating around a single leader. Therefore, there is no claim of any differences or differences in the BJP’s leaders in both the districts, though everything is not answered. There is talk in a round of BJP that the resentment may also fall on the path of Rajendra Patle, who has been nominated by the BJP in the rebellion. The BJP is annoyed in this community by postponing the candidate of Powar Samaj, and the possibility of emerging from the ballot box can not be ruled out. That is why BJP is said to have found a solution of the Modi-like solution to calm down on the internal and external angle. The meeting will be held in Bhandara or Gondia district. Five Pandavas have insisted on this for this Is. However, the 2014 situation is different and different from the present, the voters are talking about and Modi is also said that Phunkar will not be too fame.

How to give importance to Shivsena

Despite the BJP-Sena alliance in the Lok Sabha elections, the leaders of both the parties in both the districts have not yet got the honor. It is a picture of the extent to which the local BJP leaders have decided to give importance to Shivsena. Shiv Sainik has been saying that he is not being taken into much faith in all this process. Only after being ordered by Matoshri
It is said to be.

Will the coalition in the Lok Sabha be in the Legislative Assembly?

Senior party leader Sureshiti announced the alliance for Lok Sabha elections. But it is not clear whether the alliance will remain in the Legislative Assembly. Shiv Sena has been claiming a place in the Gondiya and Bhandara assembly seats. Shiv Sainik is openly speaking as well. Some BJP leaders also claimed both these seats and started public relations. So this question is being raised whether the alliance in the Lok Sabha will continue in the Vidhan Sabha elections.

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