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Pregnancy death due to lack of treatment in Salekasa

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A pregnant woman has died with her stomach in the absence of proper treatment. This is a woman in village Sonpuri of taluka, and on Saturday (d.29) this evening, Sonpuri people were very angry with this incident.

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Salekasa : A pregnant woman has died with her stomach in the womb due to lack of proper treatment. This is a woman in village Sonpuri of taluka, and on Saturday (d.29) this evening, Sonpuri people were very angry with this incident.

As a result, he demanded action against the culprits by keeping the body of the woman dead on the door of the health sub-center of the village. Due to this, the environment in the village was very good. Finally, after the assurances of the Taluka health authorities, the matter was settled.

The deceased woman is Geetabai Maharu Pandhare (30, resident of Sononpuri). It was reported that after the birth of morning delivery (GD 22), the families admitted them to the health sub-center of the village between 6 am. However, when the sub-center medical officer Khobragade was absent, health service Madhuri Gajbhiyy stopped Geeta Bai and referred it to Salekasa Rural Hospital at 3 pm. When the house was taken to Salekasa, the doctors referred him to Gondia.

Meanwhile around 4 pm, the people of Gondia went to Gondia and took the Gita Bai. However, when the duration of the eight-ten hours was in vain, Geetabai’s condition became serious and he breathed his last at the Adies and the village. In addition, the baby also died in his stomach. While being taken to Gondia hospital, the doctor declared Geethabai dead. Later, the body was kept in the house and on Sunday (30th) morning he checked the house.

However, the house and the villagers were very upset due to this incident and they demanded that the body of the body be kept at the door of the health sub-center at 11 am and will not take up the bodies till the culprits are tried. In particular, there was no one in the epicenter on this occasion, and the villagers were more prone.
As soon as the information was received, Thakkar Rajkumar Dunkage of the Salekasa police station, along with his supporters, rushed to the spot and brought the health department under control. Accordingly, Taluka health officer Gagan Gupta, medical officer Raju Raghatte and local doctor Amar Khobragade came to the spot.

At this time Sarpanch Sangeeta Kurah said that Arogya Sevika Madhuri Gajabhia and Mamta Khobragade are not properly providing health care.
Also a sub-center medical officer, Dr. Since Khobragade has given responsibility to the Bongaon Health Center, Sarpanch Kurah and the villagers demanded that they improve the system or stop the sub-center saying that it is coming for one or two days.

After the written assurance, the matter will be stopped

Otherwise unpleasant incidents would have happened if the police were being controlled by the villagers due to the incident. The villagers started demanding action against the culprits. However, when giving a written assurance, only then, the taluka medical officer Gupta gave written written assurance to the guilty, due to the absence of villagers on the role of lifting the body. Later, around 4.30 pm the cattle lifted the dead body.

There are two health care workers in this sub-center and one can always go from outside. And then they are not ready for treatment at the second time. Also doctors do not get proper treatment due to lack of regularity. This problem should be resolved promptly by the health department.
– Sangeeta Kurah, Sarpanch, Sonpuri

Dr. Khobragade has been regularizing seven days on Sonpuri sub-center from today. If found guilty, action will be taken according to the rules for health care workers.
– Gagan Gupta Taluka Medical Officer, Salekasa.

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