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Every day the politics travels from ST

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The date of election of voting is coming closer, as such, the candidates who have won this election will be heard on ST journey.

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Goregaon: The date of the election voting is near, as such, the candidates who are going to win will be heard on ST journey.

An old man traveling on the Gondia-Goregaon-Tiroda road, has a lot to say about the context mentioned in the election. Will the Bhandara candidates come to my village for development? This is a question of grief, while at the same time, the stranger, who is overwhelmed with this question, said the stranger. All the candidates promise during the elections but they do not take the simple step of assuring them. Kantilal Katre, who is going to Tiroda, from Goregaon, said that the Congress worker’s time was a cure and Modi should have a double role to be the Prime Minister. He further said that he has expressed his disappointment as the Lok Sabha was not given tickets for the majority of Gondia district’s Povar community. The Goregaon-Tiroda Legislative Assembly got a lot of development work. But today many villages are far from evolving. Farmers do not have enough water for farming. Demand for water for agricultural purposes in this area also came forward. Loksabha elections are not as keen about the same. Nearly two such voters have no information about voting date and candidates. A worker from Roko Rao stopped the road at Kachevani, met the ST, said, “We went to the cells and there was an agitation, but farmers did not get justice from this agitation.” One traveler said that what the BJP did specially for the welfare of the common people, when the passenger got information about the Pulwama incident. Because Modi was a government, he responded quickly to breaking the shackles of power. The other passengers said that the problems of general citizens are permanent.
The voice of voters such as the government should come

Gondiya to Razegaon

Gondia: Bhandara-Gondia is not a candidate for Gondia district, but political discussions are now beginning to get stuck in ST. But if everyone was talking about the candidate, if he was a candidate, he would have been picked by the record number of people who were elected by the record number of voters.
The nation is fighting a direct fight against the Congress and the BJP candidate. Since the candidates of both the parties were from Bhandara district, at the beginning, the voters of Gondiya did not have the desired interests. But the days of election are just as close. In the same way people are also taking interest in the elections. People talking about your party are coming down on your side. Some are splitting in the name of Modi. Some of them found out on ST journey while supporting their fanatics. Some pointed attention to local issues.

Political colors have increased in the state by taking national-level issues. It was not known when Gondia was going on a 16-km journey to Rajegaon. There was hope that the government of the farmers would come when it came forward. During the discussion, some passengers said that the road going to our village is still not reachable due to which the ST has not been reached. If a farmer has not yet completed the irrigation project, then the question of whether the candidate will be able to take a summer crop after being elected.
In the bus, the political discussion is discussed on different issues, and the discussion has not been forgotten by the carrier who has painted the bus every day for the past eight to ten days.

Increasing pollution; Employment Problems
Arjuni Morgaon to Gondiya


Gondia: When Arunji from Gondia travels to ST to track the people of the Arjuni Morgaon Assembly constituency, how is the problem of employment by talking about pollution in ST while discussing the passenger politics of ST? How the army of educated unemployed is being created: The government, which gives employment to the unemployed, is feeling the need for purely empty promises and if there is nothing to do, then it is a matter of great pride that the government should choose such a government.

A year and a half ago an application was requested to provide employment to 30,000 unemployed youth of Gondia district in a Gondia resort. Various reputed companies were called. The applicants had told the applicants that they would call you only by applying for the application. But there were discussions about how many unemployed workers were employed in such a rally, to organize such gatherings only to make the scene.

A young boy who does not want to be educated. But if a teacher does not get employment or gets employment, then a voter’s father has said that he is not ready to work even in the field of agriculture due to depressed young education. We have been demanding a suitable guarantee for the last several years but the demand is still not complete.

If the Jhansi Nagar project is in the forearm, there is a problem of rabbis harvesting, so will these problems be eliminated by these elections? The two farmers were talking about each other.

Important to spot local problems

Their problem with jobless young people is also important for employment.

Leader does not give anything except promises. That opinion was seen in the voters of poor, unemployed.

As much as the strongest leader, the area is benefiting from it. But Lok Sabha elections

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