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The BJP government has stopped public life plans

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The BJP government, which has come to power with the promise of implementing the development and public interest scheme, has actually acted against it. BJP government betrayed the public interest scheme implemented in the interest of the poor and the common man.

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Gondia: The BJP government that has come to power with promises of development and public interest scheme has actually acted against it. BJP government betrayed the public interest scheme implemented in the interest of the poor and the common man. Talking about BJP’s efforts to stop funding of important irrigation projects like Gosekhurd and to remove the face of farmers, Praful Patel said.

He was addressing a public meeting organized at Kalimati, Hariatola, Chopa, Mundipar, Bote, Ku Hadi and Kavalewada in Goregaon taluka on Tuesday (2nd) for the election of Nana Panchbuddhe, the candidate for Congress-NCP and MCA.

At the time, the candidates Nana Panchbudhe, former AD Dilip Bansod, K. R. Sandy, P.G. Katre, Jamsingh Baghel, Manohar Chandrikapure, Jagdish Yerola, Jyoti Valde, Kailash Dongre, Raju Bilaweve, Lalita Bachar, Damendra Rahangdale, Only Rahangdale , Lakshman Chandrakapure was present. Praful Patel said that the BJP government stopped many important schemes and made obstacles in the path of development. For the last two years, MNREGA workers did not get any wages, even the beneficiaries of the Indira Awaas Yojana have not received scholarship and OBC students have not even received scholarship. If we try to stop the plan, we will reduce the plan, which is considered as crucial for the development of the Naxal affected area, by cutting down a scheme like the National Health Mission, BRGF scheme. The government had announced a debt waiver scheme under the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj farmer’s Samman Yojana. But still many farmers did not get the benefits of this scheme. That’s why the scheme is also a jumlebar. It has also announced that it will give guarantee based on the cost of cultivation, but the Government did not do it also.

Keeping the elections in mind, this year, for the first time in the last four years, the bonus of 500 rupees was announced annually. But not all the farmers got the benefit. By implementing the GST tax system, the small industry was closed down and employed for employment generation. The price of petrol, diesel and gas cylinders has made it difficult for ordinary people to live up to their expectations. Therefore, the dissident and expectant people of the country have appealed to the government to teach the lesson. He also asked Nana Talbuddhi to stand up for the development of Gondia-Bhandara district. Other dignitaries present at the meeting also addressed the meeting. Deshmukh Agricultural University

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