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Lok Sabha Election 2019; Voting percentage dropped

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Bhandara-Gondiya parliamentary constituency has seen a decline in voting percentage in the parliamentary elections. On April 11, 12 lakh 34 thousand 896 people voted 68.27 percent of the voters. In 2014, 72.21 percent voters exercised their right to vote.

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Gondia: In Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency, the percentage of voting has dropped in the Lok Sabha elections. On April 11, 12 lakh 34 thousand 896 people voted 68.27 percent of the voters. In 2014, 72.21 percent voters exercised their right to vote. This is showing a decline of 3.9 4 percent this year. Discussion in the village is currently under discussion for the reduced percentage of voting.

In Bhandara-Gondia Lok Sabha constituency, 12 lakh 34 thousand 896 voters of 18.88734 voters exercised their right to vote. This includes 6 lakh 26 thousand 749 male and 6 lakh 8 thousand 147 voters. The lowest polling percentage was 64.41 percent in Gondia assembly segment, while 71.65 percent polling was held in the Assembly. The percentage of voting has fallen 3.9 4 percent compared to the 2014 vote percentage.

In 2014, out of 16 lakh 52 thousand 283 voters, 11,953 thousand 125 voters voted 72.21 percent of the voters. 3.9 4 percent of the vote is showing a decline. Discussion is going on in the villages, which will be beneficial to some of the downtrodden percentages. In which assembly constituency, how many people got the polling, there is a debate on who is going to win and who will win and who will be defeated.

The administration had taken a massive campaign to increase the voting percentage. A lot of public awareness was done. Attempts were made to attract voters by establishing Sakhi and an ideal polling station. After this, there was no expected increase in the percentage of votes. There has been a decrease in the number of voting in the summer.

Male 69.23 and women 67.31 percent

In the parliamentary elections, 69.23 percent of the men and 67.31 percent of the women voters claimed voting rights. 6 lakh 26 thousand 73 voters of 9 lakh 52 thousand male voters and 6,86,147 voters of 9 lakh 3 thousand 460 female voters have the right to vote.

Gondiya assembly constituency lowest polling in the region

The lowest polling in six assembly constituencies was in Gondia assembly segment. While 64.41 per cent voters exercised their right to vote, the highest turnout was in Sakoli Assembly segment of 71.65 per cent. In Tumsar 70.26 percent, Bhandara 65.67 percent, Arjuni Morgaon 71.41 percent and Tiroda 67.08 percent of the voters claimed the voting rights.

Bhandara district has 69.22% and Gondiya district is 67.63%

69.22 percent voters exercised their right to vote in seven constituencies of Bhandara district while 67.63 percent of the voters of eight taluka of Gondia district voted for voting.
Selection without polling the polling station

On Thursday (December 11), polling booths of electoral personnel appointed for the election reached the polling station on Wednesday (10th). Most polling stations in the polling booths faced electricity and water problems. Therefore, this is the situation before the voting, while complaining about who will be responsible for any disturbance during the voting, he also complained to the Election Officer. Therefore, there was a question that the Election Department had examined them while selecting polling stations.

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