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Only 7 days of enough water supply stocked

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The water level of the water supply system in Dangorli, which supplies water to the city, has reduced drastically. This is the result of the drying of the Wainganga river in April.

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Gondia: The water level of the water supply provider in Dangorli, which supplied water to the city, has reduced drastically. This is the result of the drying of the Wainganga river in April. Therefore, the residents of the Vainganga area have enough water to supply water to the residents for only 7 days. So the residents of the city will have to face the water scarcity problem next week.

A month ago, the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran Department had tried to increase water level by constructing a barrage in the Wainganga river basin due to the water level of the water supply scheme in Dangorli. However, due to lack of utilization, the water level in the water supply system is done in the month of June, in the month of March, in the city of Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran, under the Water Supply Scheme of Dangorli, within 17 km. There are 12 thousand subscribers in the city. They supply water twice a day. Water supply scheme prepared from Dangorli in Wainganga river basin is being carried out by pipeline to the water purification center at Kudwa. Due to this, pure drinking water is provided to nearly 1.5 million citizens in the city. However, for the past two years, people of the city have to face water scarcity problem during the summer. So this time this situation has been created.

Since the water level in Wainganga river is currently only 7 days old, the concern of Maharashtree’s life authority department has also increased.

In particular, the irrigation projects also had a small amount of water due to only 53% rain in the past year. This resulted in thundering of the inhabitants of the city by bringing water from the dam to the priest, which is located 90km from Gondia. The first 3.015 MMQ through the canal and 2.517 mmq water for the second time was passed to Dangoli water supply scheme. This year, this is also the same situation, this year also the city residents are dependent on the river Pujariotola.

Nominal plans for hundred crore planes

Four years ago, water supply scheme was prepared at a cost of 100 crores in the river of Wainganga in Dargoli, for water supply to the city. However, in the same year the year there was a problem of water scarcity since the plan was created. The place where the well has been prepared in the Wainganga river in Dangorli. Due to lack of water in the area, water level decreases every year. Therefore, there is a need to create permanent bunds for water to remain intact in this area.

Proposal to build a bund

If there is a bund built in the coordination with the government of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, then there can be a permanent solution. Therefore, the proposal to build the dam has been forwarded to the Madhya Pradesh government. All the attention has been taken to get the approval and the funds required for it. By the time the city dwellers will have to face water scarcity problem.

Every year the cost of the hostel

Since the water scarcity problem arises from the last two to three years, a temporal bund is constructed by the Jeevan Pradhikaran’s unit from the Chintan cement of Wainganga river. Every year, two rupees three lakhs are spent for it. Even if this is not used properly, the cost of millions of rupees is also wasted.

Water supply from Monday for a single time

Due to drying of Wainganga river water, the water level of the water supply scheme of Dangorli has begun to open. Therefore, since the only remaining water storage available for 7 days, the Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran Department has decided to supply water only once a day to the city dwellers.

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