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Social commitment to help an orphan girl

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Even if he was interested in social work, he would not have been able to help others in his mind even if he could reach a larger office. Being born from a normal family of pigs, working in a larger position does not usually come in handy to help others who live in their own family.

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Bondgaon Devi: Even if human beings are interested in social work, they can not sit quietly to help others even if they are interested in social work. Being born from a common family, and working in a larger position, not only does it come forward to help other people who live happily in their own family. Even today, there are few people who struggled to help their income earn their livelihood. It is revealed by the social activist Prashant Gade who is working as Assistant Officer (Division-1) in Taluka Assistant Registrar’s office, Arjuni Morgan. On the occasion of the marriage of an orphan girl, she got her social commitment by visiting Sodar Upogi.

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Social activist Amarchand Thaware had appealed to help the orphan girl’s marriage work through ‘Lokmat’. Prashant Gadde, who embraced social responsibility, expressed his willingness to help. Large co-operative bought the necessary items to the girl. Arjun Bedarkar, a social activist of Gondia, had come to Arjuna, on Saturday (Day-13) for an insight. In a photo studio, co-operation officer Prashant Gade handed over the item taken for the orphan girl to Prof. Savita Bedarkar. On this occasion, Bharkkuta, Lokmat’s taluka correspondent Santosh Bukavan, Surendra Thavre, Lokmat News’s taluka correspondent Radhesham Bhandarkar were present. Gahadas who work as co-operatives in the taluka come forward to help the orphans in the taluka for the best possible help from time to time. Guidance of competitive exams for educated youth in the taluka is doing unmanageably without taking any remuneration. Prashant Gade said that his knowledge is working to help others to benefit from others.

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