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* A friend shot a friend in Gondia FOR LIQUOR trade rivalry

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❞Gandiya shot dead day and night
* A friend shot a friend in Gondia *
* Murder near the Bhimnagar Ground, panic in the area *

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Gondia: He used to drink and we used to drink. There was a strong and deep friendship between the two, both of which were of double nature and both of them belonged to illegal liquor sales, in this business competition, they were stuck between the two.
On 13th April, Rahul entered the illegal liquor bar of the sky and demolished it in the shop, frustrated by the incident, the sky, with his friends, searched Swords and weapons with his friends till late night.

On 14th April, the people had mediated between the two fights and the two were reconciliated, after which the two became friends as before but there was somewhat disrepute in the mind of the sky, so he was looking for the spot. Staying Today, on Wednesday 17 April, at 8.30 am, when Rahul showed him walking on foot near the Bhimnagar checkpoint, he shot a bullet in Rahul’s chest and fled from the spot.
According to the eyewitnesses on the spot, a woman named Rahul Aniruddha Borkar (34nd Laxminagar, Gautam Buddha Ward), who is walking on the road, shot in the chest and fled from the bike. The possibility is being expressed that the attacker has used the native cloak. The bullet in the chest of the chest near Rahul’s shoulder went deep into the bone, where the fresh hole (punch) was clearly visible in his T-shirt, but also raises many questions from the location of the wound.
The brother of the deceased and the painter Rakesh Borkar (32nd Lokmant Nagar), informed the information that his elder brother Rahul Borkar had left the house around 8 o’clock. After a while, a lady was running at her house and giving voice said, Rahul on the Bhimnagar Ground has been dropped, someone has attacked him. When my parents and I reached the spot, it had a disintegrate and on my chest was the tablet’s mark
Public flare at the police
After getting the information of the incident, the public on the police arrived from Late Tiffi on the spot, angry at the matter that after the 10 o’clock on April 13, the DJ was playing in Lakshminagar but police arrived in the night patrol, Encouraged by the dabang youths and they used to take swords and weapons in their hands and roaming in the area till late in the night. Now the result has come as a murder. Police will try to catch the attacker as soon as possible otherwise it will be forced to land on the public road.
However, the city police has sent different teams in 3-4 places, while the absconding youth has hastened the search for the enthusiasm of Akash. According to the police sources, a youth named Akash had earlier recorded many fictitious crimes like attempt to murder.
After this incident, there is panic and awe in the area.

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