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Dhongi Baba raping girl in front of relatives

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Baba was exposed by the mischief of the common people in the name of treatment.

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Gondia – In the name of being treated as a victim of cheating, a child was exposed in Gondia by victimizing a prostitute girl. For seven days, a 17-year-old girl, who was kept in a locked house for treatment for five days, took cognizance of the fraud. The hypocrite had to eat the jail time now.

Women from a family in Gondia city were suffering from health care. In the same case, a 17 year old girl got confronted with the chest of her daughter, who claimed to have repaired the looting of Lankesh alias Wamanrao Meshram (30) of Fulchur. He was called on March 27 for treatment. He gave a black shot to all the members of the family in the name of his treatment. When all of them were tortured, tortured a 17-year-old girl on the accused. In the name of healing from March 27 to April 4, he did his job not only to give the victim the black medicines but also to all the attendees in the house. After that, he had sexually abused her for five days in front of relatives of the victim. Since her mother was also at the home of the victim, she was also given a bad drug.

So her mausy was also sitting in the same room. She had abused her in front of her eyes. But no one could resist him. Seven days, seven days, seven people in the house gave dung medicines to Baba. Out of the seven, 8 to 8 years old two children and five women and girls were women. On March 31, he tried to forcefully attack her. But he did not succeed. He used to force her for four days every day between April 1 and April 4.

The case came to light

Father’s father and uncle Kamanimit went to the outskirts. Kaka came from Bahagawa and went to the victim’s house to talk to her. But the house was locked from outside. When asked where they were going, the lockup was told from the weekend. But people were told that they were inside. They broke the lock of that house on it. At that time, all the people were junky in the house. The accused is also in an angle. The people gathered and the matter came to light.

Chopped by the citizens

The people in a closed house, who gave seven years of insult to the people of the village, gave a good rapport to a 17-year-old girl who was tortured for four days. Those who suffered serious injuries were admitted to Gondia Medical College for treatment.

Dismantling of Bhandara

Complaint has been filed on 5th April in Gondia city police for overcrowding. The police had registered the offense against the accused under Section 376 (2) (j) (n), 342, 506 of the IPC, 6 and 6 of the Sexual Harassment Act. However, he was admitted to a medical college because he was stunned. On 9th April, he was arrested by Police Sub-Inspector Sandia Somankar. Court sent to police custody from 9th to 15th of April Now he has been sent to the Jail of Bhandara.

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