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Waiting for taluka sports complex innaugration

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The Sports Complex was built in the taluka by spending billions of rupees in the sports policy of the Government of Maharashtra. But due to the lack of governance and administration, they are a white elephant.

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Arjuni-Morgaon: The Sports Complex has been developed in the taluka by spending billions of rupees in the sports policy of the Government of Maharashtra. But due to the lack of governance and administration, they are a white elephant. Since the administration has not been able to find the youth of this sports complex for the past two years, it has taken time to revise this policy. At present, a sub-divisional magistrate’s office has been established in Taluka Sports Complex.
The government has implemented the scheme of sports complex in Taluka, for the purpose of providing opportunities for skill to achieve sports skill in the rural areas, and to achieve physical progress in the field of sports. The funding was made according to the government decision of September 9, 2014. About 1 crore 11 lakh 4 thousand 718 rupees was proposed. Accordingly, construction was started two years ago. Various works were performed under this. The white-elephant building standing on the elephants, but the playground of various sports has lost. The only thing that was initially the same is that the Zilla Parishad School of High School was coming up.

It is a fact that no sports policy is being implemented from this package, despite the government’s noble purpose behind sports development. Sub-Divisional Magistrates’ Office was approved at Arjuni-Morgaon. Where the place was not found for this office. The sports complex of this sports complex has been demolished and sub-divisional magistrates office has been established. Many do not seem to have a sports complex here.

It seems to be the only building in the Ulut Magistrate’s office. Therefore, the building of this building falls into the question of the sportspersons or other department’s office. Due to the establishment of revenue office in this building, the material for the sports complex has fallen in the dust in the closed room. The package was completed for more than two years but still no obligation. There will be an open offer but it is sub-divisional magistrate’s office that taluka sports complex?
This question is going to be harassing to everyone.

After the establishment of taluka sports complex, the government created the taluka sports officer’s post. Till now, the position of taluka sports officer has not been filled up. They are said to be sports officials, but they are also responsible for the district headquarter. What is the use of this government policy if there is no package, sports officer and guide? This question is being raised. Here some employees are appointed on the basis of honorarium. They do not know the duty and responsibility. Here’s a fight for a great deal of richness.
By charging that the government does not provide funds, the levy of the lease of 200 to 500 rupees is charged by the game. No facility is provided however. The working hours range from 5.30 am to 9 am and from 5 pm to 9 pm. Since this duty is not being followed strictly, players have to demand a key at the employees’ home. If they were to get rid of the employees, they would be free to tell us that they are not able to afford because they are of little remuneration. If you ask the head of the head office to answer the tollwatolvi then you can answer them. Holidays are celebrated on Saturday in the name of mentors. But what is the leisure time of the game? This question is being asked.

Revenue Seize Occupation

This package shows the power of the revenue department, not the sports department but the power of the department. Here are two indoor batminton halls. Players come to play with a charge here. From the election time till date, election materials are kept in Batminton Hall. It is good to keep the materials till the end of the election period. But this material has not been taken up to this day. Therefore, the players are deprived of the benefit. What is the power of this package due to this type of? This is the problem.

There is no use of sports equipment yet

Government has supplied material for the sports complex. However many materials are not used. There is no way to know this. The reason for the suspicion is that there is no responsible staff in the package so far. Though the playground is ready, many games are not yet played here. Basketball, lawn tennis, etc., this game is not yet demonstrated or guided. So what is the usefulness of the sports complex? This question arises.

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