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fraud in the name of employing to Unemployed

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In the name of setting up a security guard in various primary health centers in Gondia district, the official of a private company has declared the defective worth of Rs. 44 lakhs to 150 unemployed youths in the name of today (17) Tiroda.

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Wadegaon: In the name of setting up a security guard in different primary health centers of Gondia district, the official of a private company has found that the deed of 150 unemployed youths has been cheated by Rs 44 lakhs today (today, 17th) in Tiroda.

In this case, the unemployed youths have complained against Purushottam Goldkar and Regional Officer Strong Security Company at the police station Tiroda on Friday. Complained, Stronger security guard company said Butibori nagapuradvare Gondia in various health centers in the district security guard and a supervisor office job sonekara takrarakartyankaduna is alleged Rs 35 thousand each. According to the complaint, the unemployed people gathered at the company’s Chandrabhaga Naka Tiroda and deposited Rs. 35,000 each to the Regional Officer of the company, Goldakar, and got his receipt. After that, the original receipt of the money received by the unemployed after being repeatedly asked for employment for four or six months in the company office, was ordered back on February 2, 2019. After that, the job order was given to the unemployed. While ordering the youth-health center, the order was unsuccessful and the youth noticed that they were cheated. When the unemployed asked again the company’s official authorities, the officials said that the order will come from the new ministry and the time has passed. The unemployed workers were asked to return the money given to the company’s officials in Tiroda after getting information about the fact that the company was unaware of the nature of the investigation when they went to the office of Strong Security Company, Butibori Nagpur and inquired into the company’s director DT Holowe. On this, Goldkar has given the money to the company’s director, Lohawe, and he has shown a finger to him. When asked again to unemployed company director Lohave, Lohave demanded the receipt. After all, after seeing the unemployed youth being completely deceived, Anandkumar Choure Deewari, G. Gondia, Vijay Singh Nakane, Mahalgaon, Durgaprasad Dhaor Lanjhi (Balaghat), Anup Meshram Ekodi, Dilip Uke Fataana Ta Devi, Pritikumar Bansod Dhakani (Gondiya), Varsha Rajesh Harankhede (Tiroda), Dakshita Vikas Humma Gondiya, Rajendra Rnain Sejgaon (Gondiya) and others Friday afternoon A complaint has been lodged at the Police station Tiroda.

After registering, crime will be registered

A complaint has been filed to 150 unemployed youths in the name of imposing a job as a security guard at the health center. An inquiry into this matter will be registered and an offense will be registered.
– Kailas Gate, Police Inspector Tiroda

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