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Sunil Mendhe MP from Bhandara-Gondia constituency

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Elections for Bhandara-Gondiya parliamentary constituency were passed on Thursday, 11th, after 42 days, on Thursday (23rd). Counting of voters was going on in the 17th Lok Sabha elections, who would be the MP of this constituency. BJP’s Sunil Mhedhe won 6,50,243 votes and won the victory.

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Gondia: After the election of Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency on April 11, counting of votes was done on Thursday (23rd) in 42 days. That is why voters’ attention was raised in the 17th Lok Sabha elections for who would be the MP of this constituency. BJP’s Sunil Mhedhe won 6,50,243 votes and won the victory. NCP candidate Nana Panchabudhe has got 4,52,779 votes and Sunil Mahende has won 1 lakh 97 thousand 394 votes. So the MP of this constituency was Sunil Mendhe.

Counting of Bhandara-Gondiya Lok Sabha constituency starts at 8 am on Thursday and ends midnight. 33 round counting was completed. In the second round, the BJP’s Sunil Mendhe took lead and in the afternoon the picture of the victory was clear. Last result was declared at 2.15 minutes in the evening. Later, the certificate was given by District Collector Shantanu Goyal, who was the candidate of BJP’s Sunil M. Mendhe. Election observer Partha Sarathi Mishra and Deputy District Magistrate Pramod Bhusari were present.

In this election, BJP’s Sunil Mendhe has 6 lakh 50 thousand 243, NCP’s Nana Panchabuddhe has 4 lakh 52 thousand 849, BSP’s Dr. Vijaya Nandurkar has 52 thousand 659, Karu Nainhe of Vriddha Bahujan Niran 45, 842, Bhimrao Borkar of People’s Party of India demoted 1 thousand 468, Bhojraj Merkolhe of Bharatiya Prakashchatna Party 90 votes, Independent Nilesh Kalchuri 547, Pramod Gajbhia, 980, Milindkumar Jayswal 2 thousand 6 99, Devidas Langejar 1 thousand 549, Rajendra Patale 13 thousand 145, Dr. Sunil Chawale got 1 thousand 507, Sumit Pandey got 3 thousand 31, Suhas Phunde got 6, 9 83 votes. Most of the independents in this election, Rajendra Patle got 13 thousand 145 votes. Out of 14 candidates, eight independent candidates got their luck. The total votes of these eight independent candidates was 34 thousand 444.

In particular, the deposit amount of all the 12 candidates was confiscated, except Sunil Mahende and Nana Panchabudha. In Bhandara-Gondia Lok Sabha constituency, BJP’s Sunil Mendhe won 52.23 percent and NCP’s Nana Panchabuddhe got 36.38 percent of the votes. In 2014, BJP candidate Nana Patole got 50.62 per cent and NCP’s Praful Patel got 38.16 per cent votes.

Sunil Mendhe’s constituency in six constituencies

BJP candidate Sunil Mhedhe took the lead in six assembly constituencies. Most of the lead Bhandara got in the Legislative Assembly. Mendhe got 1 lakh 32 thousand 9 votes and Panchabuddhe got 77 thousand 456 votes. In the Bhandara assembly, we got 54 thousand 553 votes. The BJP got 36 thousand 657 seats in Tumsar assembly segment, 32 thousand 436 in Sakoli, Arjuni Morgana 15 thousand 99, Tiroda 20 thousand 707, Gondiya 38 thousand 416 votes.

Ten thousand voters dislike candidates

In the Lok Sabha elections, 10 of the 524 voters did not like any of the 14 candidates, because they did not like the note button. It has 10 ballot ballots and 102 ballot ballots.

Most postal votes to Nana Panchbudhey

In the post ballot in the Lok Sabha elections, only voters preferred NCP’s Nana Panchbudhe. In it, Panchamuddhe got 4 thousand 358, Mendhe got 3,771 votes. 9 thousand 134 voters voted with ballot ballot. Out of these, 102 voters voted for Nota. So 1 thousand 173 votes were invalid.

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