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The problem of pollution is increasing in the city

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Rainy Gondia is very hot for the district residents, where the water falls in rainy season, the potholes are colored, but in the monsoon, the municipal councils are continuously doing rains for the past few days, hence the monsoon is going to be a relief for the residents of Gondia city, said Guhahi Nagarparishad.

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Gondia: Gondia Gondia is a hot spot for the district residents, where the water falls in rainy season, the potholes are colonized. However, in the monsoon, the municipal councils are continuously undertaking rains before the monsoon, hence the rainy season will be a relief for the residents of Gondia city council. But in the next few days the rainy season starts, the picture will become clear.

Gondia Municipal Council organized the rainy season with the monsoon. In rural areas, pre-prepared monsoon is done through the Gram Panchayats. But every year, however many are being prepared, the council of municipal council in the first rains was a pole. The issue of encroachment of traders on the streets of Gondia also hinders development activities of Gondia city. Due to the depletion of plastics by traders in the gates of Gondia market area, the drains remain in the drains. Due to the installation of cement concrete cover by the traders, the dhanan council of the place can not be removed. Even if the city council shows it to be clean, then the merchants speak to the people of their respective constituencies assuming that their business will fall. They make an unwritten fatwa that neglects the sanitation facilities for the convenience of people’s representatives. There are millions of vehicles in the municipal limits. But the municipal council did not implement the plantation plan to stop the evacuation from this vehicle. There is no tree beside the road. Gondiya city looks like a cement concrete forest rather than greenery. Due to the smoke coming out of vehicles, the amount of air pollution is increasing in large numbers. Water resources of many places are contaminated due to the dirt kingdom of Gondia.

What are the steps taken by the administration?

The rainy season said that the people of Gondia have a time of nostalgia. The people of the city have to spend this time with tumbed drains, water drains and standing mud. Thus, the monsoons in one sense in the city residents are uninterested. This year, however, the city council is taking some measures as a solution to make the rainy season more difficult for city dwellers. Under this monsoon pre-cleansing program, cleaning of small drains under big nallahs and cleanliness is being done to prevent rainwater in the rivers during this monsoon. A team of laborers with JCB and Poklan machines have been planted for cleaning work. Measures are also being taken to prevent the water from draining. Specifically, this year, the Municipal Council has constructed about 22 crores roads in various divisions of the city. It is clear that the situation in the city is not going to happen this year. In some areas, due to some problems due to rain water, the city council administration is ready to take a look at the solution. The cleanliness department has been instructed in this regard, the head of the city, office bearer and officer will keep an eye out.

4700 tree plantation targets

Several monsoon measures have been planned for monsoon emergency management departments.

The municipal council has started implementing monsoon pre-cleaning campaigns by monsoon. Under this, cleaning of the big drains of the city JCB and Poklan are being cleaned.

Apart from this, cleaning of internal drains in the city is being done under the Monson Pre-cleaning campaign on contract basis. So that the rain water should not stick to the city.

As a result of the rising temperature, the Council of Nagarikars will be planting trees under the tree plantation program being implemented by the state government.

This year, the purpose of planting four thousand 700 seedlings has been given to the Municipal Council. Accordingly, the city council is planning.

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