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The problem of pollution is increasing in the city

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Rainy Gondia is very hot for the district residents, where the water falls in rainy season, the potholes are colored, but in the monsoon, the municipal councils are continuously doing rains for the past few days, hence the monsoon is going to be a relief for the residents of Gondia city, said Guhahi Nagarparishad.

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Gondia: There is 260 rice mill in the district and water and air pollution is increasing in this area. However, when trying to find out the extent of the pollution, it has come to light that there is no mechanism for measuring pollution. The pollution control board has examined the pollution ever since the sub-regional pollution officials did not even know about it.

The companies with red mark are inspected twice a month and the instructions are given to the respective company. Adani and Team Ferro are examined in Gondia every month. But there is 260 rice mill in Gondia district and no pollution control inspection has been done. Only 60 grams of rice is prepared by raising the rice from the rice mill and making rice for 200 and the preparation of Upho Rice. Paramit Rice Mill, a rice mill for rice preparation, is known as a pollution board, Plane Mill, and a mixture of rice and rice extracting.

Water and air pollution is caused by large amounts of water and air pollution. The device measuring the quality of pollution from this rice mills is not in the city. Gondia pollution is increasing when Gondia district is being built for 20 years. However, there is no pollution control board. Or even a polluting center. The polluting center was not given by the government. But the proposal was not sent in that direction. The number of vehicles in Gondia is increasing day by day and the number of four-wheeler and two-wheeler vehicles has reached one and a half lakhs. It is therefore obvious that there is an increase in pollution. But the deadly gas released from the rice mill is increasing day by day. The officials of the Pollution Control Board are also being short-sighted. No proposal has been sent by the concerned department for pollution control center.

Considering the problems in the monsoon season, monsoon pre-cleaning campaign is being implemented through the Municipal Council. The drains are being cleaned under this. In addition, a special meeting will be held soon and monsoon planning will be done. The cleanliness department has been instructed to make the city residents suffer.
– Ashok Ingale, Municipal Chief

It is a fact that the residents of the city suffer from rainy season. However, the city council administration has started work for a month earlier to get relief from this tragedy. The pre-monsoon cleaning campaign is being implemented and the nullahs of the city are being closely monitored. Apart from this, a meeting of the cleanliness department has been instructed to take measures for all the necessary schemes.
– Chandan Patil, Chief Officer

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