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Parents and students balle balle

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Manmergerjee, who is operating from private school directors, will now have to curb. With the NSUI initiating the protest against this, the District Collector has instructed the education officers to take action against such schools.

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Gondia: Manmergerita, which is being run by private school directors, will now have to curb. With the NSUI initiating the protest against this, the District Collector has instructed the education officers to take action against such schools. As a result, it seems that private looting of children by the private schools will now be stopped. This has resulted in successful completion of NSUI’s fasting and is the bat and ball of parents and students.

Huge education fees are being charged from private English and CBSE schools. Apart from this, books and uniforms are also forced to take the parents away at a higher rate. There is a lot of looting in the parents’ private schools. Today, due to the modesty of private schools, it has become very difficult for ordinary people to teach their children. On behalf of private schools, NSUI District President Harish Tulsikar started his fast, and in his support, parents started the chain fast from Thursday (December 6). Specifically, taking notice of their fast, the educationist gave them a letter from the school. However, this hunger strike started due to lack of satisfaction in this regard.

Gopaladas Agarwal intervened by taking note of this matter and taking the delegation of NSUI and Youth Congress to the District Collector Dr. Talk with novel Balakwade. District Collector Dr. Balakwade gave directions to the educationists to accept the demands of NSUI and take action. Now, according to instructions given by the District Collector, schools will be called to inquire and Manmargarjee, who is running the schools, will be required to make the mark. This makes the Palak class feel happy.

These are the major demands

During the discussion, NSUI Balakwade has been given a letter of order. In this, every private school should form a parent-teacher team in the presence of the officers of the level of officers of the government, informing the parents and teachers’ rights and laws in every school, stop selling the uniforms, book-books and other educational material in schools and strict action against non-compliance orders. Taxes, educational fees charged by schools and any financial transactions Stop the unnecessary subjects taught by the students, stop teaching them unnecessary subjects, and reduce the burden of their books on mental and censorship; Only use the NCERT books in CBSE schools, stop the use of private books, by deciding the eligibility of the teachers, and applying them only when the education department approves them. Teach them only when they are To sanction this, strict action should be taken against the abolition of the schools in the name of CBSE, CCTV for the students’ safety in the schools, arrangements for female employees in the toilet for the girls, action against the unauthorized 17 school teachers, abatement of late fees, Do not participate, participate in the competition These observations should be closed, the students in schools should not be used to determine tiphina menu, every school, including the demands to be closed in May and June.

Fasting lemon water and fasting

After the intervention of MLA Agarwal, this question arose with the discussion with District Magistrate Dr.Bakwade. This creates a happy atmosphere for parents and workers. As a result, on the hands of MLA Agarwal, Tulaskar was successfully provoked by drinking lemon water and fasting. Alok Mohanty, Gaurav Vanjari, Sandeep Thakur, Vinny Gulati, Shilu Thakur, Deepika Rousse, Shweta Purohit, Sunil Tiwari, Parag Agrawal, Bhagwat Meshram, Pooja Tiwari, Mamta Somvanshi, Mahi Makkad, Geeta Somvanshi, Seema Bass, Shadow Meshram, Seasonal Bhaladhere, Rupali Thakur, Sinu Rao, Mayur Meshram were also present in large number of citizens and parents.

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