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Negligence of Police for registering FIR or complaint for Mobile Loss or Theft in Gondia District

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According to one article available on internet we need to follow procedure for filing FIR or complaint.


Report to Police

It is very important to report the matter to the Police as your mobile can be misused by someone else and can lead to serious consequences. So one can follow the following procedures when you realize that you don’t have your mobile phone :

In case of Theft

If you think that your mobile phone has been stolen by someone then you must go to the police station nearest to the place where the phone was stolen and get an FIR registered to report the theft.

How to file an FIR
You need to go to any nearby police station where you had your phone with you last time.
Tell the police officer to register the FIR for a stolen mobile phone under Section 154 of CrPC.
Tell the details of your phone like the color and model of the phone, IMEI number of the phone.
The names of the witnesses, if there were any witnesses present at the place where you lost your phone.
After filing the FIR, you should not forget to take the copy of FIR so that you can track the position of the FIR afterwards.

Negligence by police officers for registering complaint on mobile loss

In real scenario when common man approach nearest police station for registering complaint the responsible person refuses to register complaint by giving various excuses like this complaint letter is improper or not relevant, or u need to do affidavit of this complaint letter then we will register or any other excuse they will give for refusal of registering complaint. Even they will not have any fear or shame to say here police officers or magistrate or any other vvip lost or stolen mobile is not tracked how will get your mobile tracked. How you will get sir/mam.. you are not giving any possible efforts for tracking it because police department is busy in sponsoring social event and giving security in name of creating various squad just for name sake.

according to one article in amarujala news portal government has launched 14422 helpline for tracking lost or stolen mobile

If the mobile is stolen or missing, then the complaint will be found on 14422. Police

But government has just launched but service is still inactive because 14422 no does not exist or not reachable always.

Register online complaint for mobile loss or theft in Maharashtra

In conversation with victim of mobile loss he said that nor he is getting any help from police department or from service provider or from mobile company on request he shared his complaint copy with which denied by local police department by giving excuse of improper report and informed him to do affidavit for same then will think of registering complaint after that he lodge online complaint on Maharashtra police website for lost mobile intimation . Have a look on denied complaint copy by police department below

we request you to share this post as much as you can to wake up police department, service provider and mobile company.. This might be done with you as well earlier or in future

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