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POLICE hawaldar caught redhanded while taking bribe; Bribe of 1500 rupees

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Action on Salekasa

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Gondia: A team of bribery prevention division of the Police Havildar, who was accepting the amount, demanded 1500 rupees for the NCR copy and plot for the four-wheeler insurance claim claim. This action took place at Sailakasa on Monday (17th). Ramesh Shriram Bisen (50) (Bc.17 9) is the name of the bribery police constable.

 The four-wheeler owned by the complainant, and they rent it as per the requirement. On May 24, the complainant had rented his car for wedding anniversary and went to the village of Pathantala. Four or five vehicles, along with the vehicle of the complainant, broke into a dispute between some strangers. He lodged a complaint with Sailaksa police station. However, the complainant had to make an insurance claim because they needed NCR copy and panchanam. For this, he went to Salekasa police station to Havaldar Bisen. However, the accused Hussaldar Bissen demanded two thousand rupees to give NCR copies and panchanama. On Thursday, the complainants lodged a complaint in the office of the Anti-Corruption Prevention Division.

Based on the complaint, the squad was probed by trapping the trap on Monday (17th) at Salekasa Police Station. In this, Hussaldar Bisen demanded Rs. 2 thousand rupees and settled Rs. The squad was arrested by the squad, which has registered an offense under the Prevention of Bribery Prevention Act, 1988, in Seleksa Police Station, Section 7 (Enhanced Act 2018).

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