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Increase in the number of saras crane in the district

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With the rise of the number of Saras birds in this district, this identity has been more effective in getting the identity of Gondia district’s glory and gradually becoming Sarasancha district. This has resulted in the efforts made by the service agencies and farmers for the last five to six years. Therefore, environmental lovers of the district have expressed happiness.

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Gondia: While the identity of Gondia district and gradually becoming Saras district, the increase in the number of Saras birds in this district has helped this identity more effectively. This has resulted in the efforts made by the service agencies and farmers for the last five to six years. Therefore, environmental lovers of the district have expressed happiness.

In the border areas of Gondia, Balaghat, Bhandara and Chandrapur districts, Saras was counted from 8th to 14th June under the leadership of the service organization, farmers and wildlife department. According to the total number of 22 teams, about 42 in Gondia district, 54 in Bandhaghat district, Bhandara 3, Saras Barak has been found in Chandrapur district. This has now reduced the number of cranes in the cradle of Gondia and Balaghat.

The members of the service organization studied the place where stork birds have occupied a year, breeding houses, food and their places of excursions throughout the year.

Later, from 8th to 14th June, with the help of 22 squadrs, from 5 am to 10 am Saras was compiled. There was an increase in the number of Saras parties in comparison to the previous year. Storks, which are symbols of love, are considered to be rare. The number of birds in Maharashtra is very low. However, ‘Sarna Jodo’ Janagruti Abhiyan is being organized for the conservation of stork in Gondia district since last five to six years.

Therefore, the farmers are also benefitted with the cultivation of straw birds. Since paddy is the favorite feed of straw, it is found in most places of Saras birds in Gondia and Balaghat districts. In this area, it is found suitable in straws in Maharashtrian region, because it is suitable for stark birds. Sawan Bahekar, President of the Services Social Organization, who is working for the protection of environment and wildlife, and members of their organization are working hard to promote stork. The result of this is that the number of birds of this year has increased by 8. The places where storks are domesticated. People of the place told the importance of Saras.

Straw protection and conservation work is being done in the Balaghat district with the help of local NGO. Gondiya Pavekeeper S. Yuvraj, Balaghat’s Forest Mandal Officer Devprasad, Assistant Forest Guard Vikas Mahore, Sushil Nandwati and PB Chaney, Forest Department, Sheshraoose Aakre, Arun Sable collaborated.

The need for an administration initiative to promote stork

In the entire Maharashtra, only Gondia district has more number of stork birds. It is responsible for the promotion of stork with the help of local environmental lover and forest, wildlife department. The government has to initiate measures for the purpose of spreading awareness among the people in the state of awareness.

Their participation in the census

The names of Bharat Jasani, Chetan Jasani, Savan Bahekar, Ankit Thakur, Sanjay Aakre, Ashok Padole, Dusant Rambhe, Ashwin Kumar Patte, Pintu Wanjari, Ruchir Deshmukh, Mukund Dhrew, Shashank Ladekar, Kanhaiya Udapure, Bablu Chute, Bunty Sharma, Nadeem Khan, Pawan Soam, Rishil Dahake, Salim Shaikh, Deepak Mundda, Rakesh Doye, Danvir Mosque, Kamlesh Kamde, Jampal Thakur, Jalaram Budhear, Prashant Mhede, Praveen Mendhe, Vikas Farkunde, Dr. Dekar, Manish Kurwe, Sandip Turkar, Sheikh Bahadur Katre, Dharmendra Bisen, Rahul Bhave, Rati Ram Kshirsagar, Lalit Bhandarkar, Nishant Deshmukh, Sankar Mishra, Rakesh Khandelwal, Pappu Bisen, Gaurav Matale, Nakhate, Deolesh Kusaram, Vasant Bopke.

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