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Instead of opposing the villagers, the liquor shop started

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The approval of the women’s movement submitted to collector Gondia

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Navegaonbandh: In the ward no. 1 of the week, the local residents had strongly opposed the introduction of a country liquor shop in the market. But after this, the excise department allowed permission to start liquor shop from 30 September. So women in the village are ravaged. If the liquor shop is not closed quickly, women are warned to spread the agitation.

The country’s liquor shop has started in the market on September 30 in Ward no. 1. The shop should not be started at this place, so the residents of the department of Deori and Gondia in the office of excise duty were protested by giving a written statement. In April 2018, the citizens of Ward No. 1 filed a strong objection by applying to the Gram Panchayat. But after this, the country’s liquor shop has been started from 30th September when the women in the village are rampant.

If the liquor shop starts in the village, there is a possibility of a clash between the residents of the village. It is also possible that the likelihood of the use of addiction to younger generation can not be ruled out. Therefore, the letter was given that the liquor shop should not be allowed to start. However, after this, the excise duty department has expressed its approval. There is a settlement, anganwadi and a temple in the vicinity of the liquor shop. Because of the canal, the women of the village go there to wash the clothes. But women are also at risk because of the liquor shop.
Women accused the woman of threatening to be seen by liquor shops after protesting against liquor shops in the village.

Meanwhile, when women get information about the liquor shop being opened in the village, hundreds of women demanded immediate shutdown of the liquor shop, after running the Sarpanch to Aniruddha Shahare. When Shahare said that the gram panchayat did not give the Naharak Certificate to the liquor shop. Ensuring that the country’s liquor shops, which started in the village, should be closed immediately.

Otherwise the women and villagers of the village will be forced to shut down the shops because the administration will be fully responsible for the situation being created, according to a statement given to the officials of the Collector and Deori and Gondia Excise Department.

How To Shop If Not Nerve Certificate

In the village, there is a need for Narmourization Certificate of the local Gram Panchayat while introducing a licensed liquor shop. Besides, the shop can not be opened. However, Navegaonbandh gram panchayat has given a question about how the department of excise has allowed this shop without giving a naharak certificate to the ammunition shop.

The gram panchayat did not give any municipal certificate to start the country liquor shop. The shop that started in this shop They have given gram panchayat permission for residential work. Considering the opposition of the villagers, the demand has been made to close the country’s liquor shop immediately.
– Aniruddha Shahara
Sarpanch Navegaonbandh

Women have started opposing the opening of liquor shops in the village. The written report has also been given to the concerned department. But after that, the liquor shop has started. So this shop should be closed quickly. Otherwise, get out on the road and start a fast movement.
– Dr. Lata Langevar
Residential Ward No. 1 Navegabandh

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