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Mahesh and Vaishali 1st in non-violence marathon competition in Gondia District

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In order to awaken the youth in the district, the Police Department ran the 7 thousand 620 competing in the non-violence marathon organized by applying the justification of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti. Mahesh Ramalu, Gadchiroli’s 42.19 5 km marathon, finished the marathon in 2 hours and 34 minutes to win the first place.

Gondia Today

Gondia: 7 thousand 620 participants ran in the non-violence marathon organized by the Police Department for the awareness of Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti, to awaken the youth in the district. Mahesh Ramalu, Gadchiroli’s 42.19 5 km marathon, finished the marathon in 2 hours and 34 minutes to win the first place. In the girls’ group, Vaishali Sunil Mate won the first round with a full marathon in 4 hours 35 minutes and 15 seconds.

In this competition, there were 7620 competing participants, in which about 2 thousand 150 women participated. The competition was held from the Police headquarters in Karanja to the Amagaon Kisangipar railway crossing. 42.19 5 km marathon competition started at 5.30 am. 21.197 km in the half marathon starts at 6 o’clock in the morning. The 6 km marathon competition starts at 8 am. Meanwhile, the entry of other vehicles, except for the services required, was closed. In particular, there was no untoward incident in the organized marathon competition, due to the excellent planning of the Special Police Department, this marathon event has been successfully completed. In this competition women and men were given various awards. As a special attraction for this marathon event, runner Munna Lal Yadav was seen in Gandhiji’s shoes.

Come to the event as the chief guest. Consequently, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Gadchiroli Area, Ankush Shinde, Dist. President Border Madavi, International Marathon Runner Monica Athare, District Head, Dr. Raja Dayanidhi, Superintendent of Police Harish Baijal, City President Ashok Ingale, Runner Munna Lal Yadav, Additional Superintendent of Police Sandeep Awale, Gondiya Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ramesh Barkate and other officials were also present. The program started with the worship of Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri.

The completion of the full marathon in 4 hours and 38 minutes will be given an opportunity to participate in the National Marathon in Mumbai. Manjushri Deshpande, Managing Director of the program, thanked Gondiya Sub-Divisional Police Officer Ramesh Barkate.

6 km Marathon women’s winner of the tournament

First-Vaishali Rahangdale (20 minutes 52 seconds), Second- Sushma Rahangdale (26 minutes 55 seconds), Third-Padma Pakh (27 minutes 51 seconds), Fourth- Tanuja (28 minutes 23 seconds), Fifth-Hesita desert (29 Sixth-Asha cities (29 minutes 39 seconds), seventh-Gayatri Mauje (30 minutes 12 seconds), eighth – Satyavati Machirak (30 minutes 41 seconds), Nava-Satyasheela Dussiya (30 minutes 44 seconds), Tenth – Riyali Ra Table (30 minutes 46 seconds)

42.19 5 km winner of Marathon

First- Mahesh Ramulu increased, second- Subhash Dinaji Lillhare, III- Dinesh Davasare, 4th- Rahul Hukumchand Meshram, fifth- Mahendra Kachalam, Sixth- Sawant Sugar, Satwa- Akash Babulal Mohurle, eigha- Sheikh Unililing Mourori, Nouwa- Arun Dhanal Thivkar , Tenth – Manoj Murari Kachalam.
42.19 5 km Marathon women’s wrestler Vaishali Sunil Mate completed the 4 hours 35 minutes and 15 seconds to complete the marathon. Usha Sukhram Vallathera 4 hours 39 minutes 30 seconds second and Savita Mohan Lillhare finished 4 hours 44 minutes for 39 minutes and finished third in the marathon.

6 km Marathon champions winners

Second – Rajesh Purushottam Chaudhary (20 minutes 50 seconds), Third – Vishal Dhuranlal Lillhare (21 minutes 10 seconds), 4th – Vikas Bhojraj Bavanar (21 minutes 47 seconds), fifth-Saurabh Dhanvant Bhaagle (20 minutes 9 seconds) Karan Santosh Khare (21 minutes 50 seconds), 6th – Rajendra Sandeep Gotre (21 minutes 53 seconds), seventh – Mahendra Murakte (21 minutes 58 seconds), eighth – Sandeep Pardhi (22 minutes 04 seconds), Nouwa – Ankush Kohram (22 minutes 10 seconds), tenth-Lokchand Gahyagi (22 minutes 11 seconds)

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